1. bob6600

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    Have thought about buying these for a while, normally their bundle offer includes the top and bottom for around £350-£400. They currently have an online offer where there is also a middle chest included, all for £400. Question is, does anyone have these tool chests and are they worth the...
  2. G

    industrial pressure washer

    honda gx340 pressure washer, ive got it on ebay at moment, never thought about putting it on here. Good discount for cash, ebay item number-280733304018 got some entel professional walkie talkies aswell-- 280733280789 Gareth
  3. M

    MB MOTORS - Deeside Industrial Estate, Sealand (Chester)

    Hi Folks, Anyone any experiance of these guys??? I've been there a couple of times for parts for my 311CDI Sprinter and they just sent me direct to Mercedes Road Range (as opposed to chargning me extra for the parts). Both times they had a tasty selction of Mercs including a Brabus and AMG...
  4. R

    Smoking Ban - No Smoking on entire industrial estate?

    Like many companies up and down England I'm sure, we recently had a presentation where the smoking ban was explained. We were informed that smoking would not be allowed in the building, would only be allowed in the partially uncovered shelter outside, and that there would be fines for...
  5. L

    MB Industrial Engines?

    Can anyone help please ? A friend recently bought a Sangyong Korando 2.9 diesel for towing a caravan. The water pump has packed up. The engine is a MB but I am told it is an industrial (?) engine. It is not the same as any fitted to vans or cars. The 1st company supplied a pump same as one...
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