1. MissyD

    Music industry

    Hi, need your help again guys please, anyone on here in the music industry, my youngest is maybe thinking of a career in the industry and so would welcome any advice. Im happy for you to PM me if you dont want to say on the open forum about what you do, thanks.
  2. ringway

    The Construction Industry. The Truth.

  3. J

    German car industry rocked by vote rigging

    Hi all, found this interesting article. Apologies if its already been listed
  4. ringway

    The Coming together of two industry giants?

    Whatever next? :D LINK.
  5. MercFanUk

    What industry do you work in?

    Just curious to see what kind of folks we have here :D I'd have added more, but it only allows 10 so I've put what I assume imo are the most dominant... (I'm IT - Web Developer)
  6. W

    Motor Industry Facts 2009 - SMMT

    Report 'Motor Industry Facts 2009' published by the the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Generally it gives UK facts and figures relating to numbers of cars made, sold and the types of cars on the road. Hope it's of interest to some.
  7. Dieselman

    Saving the British car industry

    And the Environment.....;) It looks like the British car manufacturing plants could be saved by making Eco cars, as they are going to be big business. Great news. GM Ampera.. Would anyone here buy such a car..??
  8. st13phil

    German Auto Industry Facing the Abyss

    A sobering article on Spiegel Online in which Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler, notes that: The second page contains some interesting analysis of how the short-termism of the financial markets leave Daimler very vulnerable.
  9. Mr E

    Dark clouds over the auto industry

    Have been attending an industry briefing today on the economic outlook of the automotive industry. Have to say it was pretty depressing stuff... Energy costs - the huge rise in energy costs is having a big effect in the supply chain. Some smaller, niche providers have already gone to the...
  10. Dieselman

    Are high oil prices bad for the motor industry.?

    And does anyone fancy a Lada..?? CAR SALES IN RUSSIA
  11. garystu1965

    A career in the tourism industry beckons...NOT !

    My parents are just back from a trip to west coast USA. Myself and an Uncle and Aunt went round to view their pictures on the TV screen (connected up to the camera in slideshow mode). My mum was doing the narration as the slideshow progressed and she was a bit giddy and excited. There...
  12. WLeg

    Music Industry

    Does any one know anyone or work in this field? We are working on a new project, and need some contacts (ie PA's to MD or A & R's) as we wish to target the corporate gift, Large Events & Award ceremonies.
  13. M

    I now work in the Motor Industry

    Been looking for Junior sales work (No experience + im only 19) for about a month now. Been so far to Peugoet and Ford, Both seemed promising except for them saying "Yeah you've a very good chance, we'll give you a call next week to let you know" And they never called. Anyway had an...
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