1. rockits

    Why we use and trust decent indy's!

    We know this kind of stuff goes on at some stealers and poor garages but it is pretty shocking to see it so brazen also so obvious.
  2. T

    Any good indy specialists in East London?

    Looking for a good indy in East London if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
  3. T

    Indy recommendations in Beds/Herts/Surrounding areas

    Hi All Was hoping to get some recommendations for a good Indy Beds/Herts and Surrounding areas for my W212, already aware of Wayne Gates but just wanted to see what other options there are :) Thanks
  4. G

    MB or Indy

    I have had MB diesel estates for the last 16 years, one approved used and two from new and always had MB service on the basis of :- a) maintains full warranty b) maintains mobilo recovery (might be useful when driving through Europe) and c) maintains body warranty. And, I always figured it...
  5. G

    Indy needed in Peterborough area

    Indy needed in Peterborough/Kettering area. Does anyone know a good one?
  6. Zappy

    Looking for an Indy near Uxbridge, London

    Hi, can you please advise of the nearest trustworthy Indy near Uxbridge? need to replace disk pads and do a Diagnostic (Star).
  7. O

    Finding an Indy to fix my sunroof

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest or recommend an indy to repair my Panoramic Sunroof which is stuck in tilt? The car is a 2002 C220 CDi Sports Coupe and I think there's something jammed in the mechanism of the left motor. I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks
  8. P

    Mercedes Indy Swansea area

    I all. Having lost complete faith in Mercedes main dealer servicing In Wales and with our old Indy in Pembrokeshire now retired I am looking for a decent specialist in Swansea area. Any recommendations?
  9. L

    Central London (ish) Indy for my 88 300CE ?

    Just needs a little tune/checkover maybe... Gearbox Modulator upgrade? Thanks in advance..
  10. Bigrichw

    MB Nottingham - Indy

    Since I purchased my cls55 it needed dynamic seats fixing, a new crank case breather, belts, and hydraulic oil feeder pipe... So I'm told. This work has taken 2 weeks all thorough this time, no courtesy car, communication is dire, and every time I speak to them I keep being told it will be done...
  11. HB

    Good Indy needed near Leicester.

    As title for new forum members 211.
  12. Felstmiester

    Impressed with Indy oil service

    Had an oil service done at a local Indy this morning. I supplied my own oil. Charged me just under £100 !!
  13. G

    Good indy near Cardiff?

    Anybody knows a good indy near Cardiff? One specialist quoted me for some repairs. The parts are more expensive than what I can get from EU car part. On top of that, they will charge for the VAT, which makes the price even higher. I need a good indy which allows me to bring my own bought...
  14. I

    Any good independant servicing in West Yorks please?

    I've a newly acquired 2000 S500, overall in good condition, but I need to replace the Air Mass meter, change the antifreeze and determine a wiring fault in the N/s indicator circuit. We're based 'twixt Leeds and Wakefield - - Can anyone recommend a reasonable/good/exceptional Mercedes indy in...
  15. kbhogalW126

    Looking for an Indy in and around the Glasgow area

    Hi Folks! I've not been on for a few years but I have a question. Does anyone know of a Merc Indy in and around the Glasgow area that they could recommend? Someone who knows older W140/W124's? Thanks in advance. KJ
  16. B

    Indy near burton on trent

    Anybody know of a good Indy around burton on trent or the midlands ?
  17. M

    Good indy in Watford/Harrow area?

    Hi All! I'm a newbie to the Mercedes world with my 05 plate clk320. currently i'm having an issue with the crankshaft position sensor and need it replaced but don't know any indys for merc in my area so was hoping someone could help me find one. I've heard of George fosters but googled them...
  18. P

    ML 270CDI - swirl flaps mod query - NW based indy required?

    Hi all, been a member for a while and browsed from time to time and you guys all have valuable experience, so I hope you can help. I have a 2001 ML 270 CDI & I've been luck with it so far, but at 127k I've got the well-documented power loss problem (it won't rev past 3000, kick down etc.)...
  19. ReeceAMG

    indy in north east

    is there a good indy around newcastle/durham who could code in a new rear diff ratio and check codes with star?
  20. Sp!ke

    Suitable courtesy cars for Indy

    I've been window shopping for potential courtesy cars for use by a friendly Indy. The cars tend to get get abused by customers (the last loaner was written off by one a couple of weeks ago) so we're looking at as low a budget as possible but it has to be something reasonably tidy and not...
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