1. D

    w124 rear boot infill panel fitment

    How does the rear in fill panel actually fit to the boot? Got my new one back from the bodyshop but not sure how it attaches! I have taken the number plate off but that's as far as I have got... should it clip on at the bottom some how? Scott
  2. kbhogalW126

    URGENT - W124 Facelift Boot Infill Panel required

    Hi folks. I'm looking for an infill panel for my 1990 300 E-24. I've sourced the facelift lenses and bonnet but can't find the infill panel for the boot. Has anyone got one kicking about in black (preferably but not an issue) or a black facelift bootlid? Please help as the car is getting...
  3. B

    AMG black bumper plastic infill?

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a black CLK 55 209 black plastic infill for my CLK 320 AMG. I have ordered a twin AMG exhaust but this will not fit my original AMG bumper. The cut out space for the single pipe is too small and I do not feel happy about cutting the bumper to give the twin pipe...
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