1. 5

    SBC Brake change INfO :thumb:

    This is for anyone who is thinking of changing their brake disks/pads on a car with SBC I was recently doing a search on here on how to change and bleed my brakes on a cls55 but everyone was saying you would need a star system to do it properly. I managed to find some tools that done the...
  2. J

    New memeber looking for info :)

    Hello everyone :) I would say i am car obsessed and love working on car etc, I have recently got rid of my BMW 335D which i had running at 400BHP, but due to buying a house i had to reluctantly sell it, Always loved the the way the C class C220 have looked, so i have decided to go for...
  3. optimusprime

    Bonnet Mercedes W124 insulation info

    As above .Just about to order a new insulation cover for the bonnet . Can the aftermarket insulation part equal Mercedes ? Has anyone done there car bonnet ?. .And if so what insulation did you use? [who from ] And if you have replaced it,, what adesive did you used to fit it ..I need to...
  4. XJ600

    Car info

    Hi all, As a recent new owner could anyone supply spec of my C Class estate please. WDD2042022F655787 Thank you.
  5. R

    W211 E55 info needed...

    Looks like my CLK will be going on Sunday after taking a big loss on it in the nine months of ownership. One of the options I'm considering is the W211 E55. Their are two I'm considering on this forum....I need to know realistically whether or not I can afford to run one as an everyday car...
  6. Rudeboy99

    Advice and info required please

    Hi out there I've been the happy owner of a w203 c180k coupe for nearly two years now I love the look etc of this car for my sins lol but want to get the face lift model I don't do major mileage so want a petrol have been looking at c180 200k but was after thoughts advice on the c320 c 230 v6...
  7. optimusprime

    info on part number please

    Hi Tuesday was MOT day . And lucky for me it passed ,with one, get it fixed for next year advisory .Well for 2 days i have been looking for this front prop shaft coupling . And keep getting conflicting quotes one said one number , and some one else, said another. Can some kind member look...
  8. C180AMG71

    Live Traffic Info expired.

    I got an email today from the local dealer which says the following: "We hope that you have enjoyed using our "Live Traffic Information" service. We are writing to inform you that your three years' free subscription of "Live Traffic Information" will soon expire". If I don't renew this...
  9. OneTwoNine

    Info - W219 / W211 Changer Pocket

    I'm removing the command system completely out of my CLS but I still want full use of the pocket where the CD changer sits. Does anyone know how to get this to work without the CD changer / command fitted or know the parts I need to be able to make this work. All help will be greatly...
  10. M

    E63 info.

    Hi All, I am looking at a 2014 E63 tomorrow, is there anything that an be achieved if I put the reg. number on here as far as the spec or any history? It is with a non franchise dealer so trying to do my due diligence! Thanks, Mark.
  11. M

    Info source for individual vehicle's spec & equipmnt?

    hi, just wondering if a database available to cross ref Reg number and equipment list eg cruise, airbags, park sensors etc. Lots of sellers don't provide full info, so comparing vans in same price range is s very time consuming. Thanks very much for any help !:thumb:
  12. Braincrank

    solar circuit info please

    Hello all. I'm planing a pump/filter system for my pond . 3 months ago I dug up a part of my garden and and now it's a pond (-: I built a small pond a few years ago and only had a little solar powered pump/fountain system in it but now that the pond is much bigger (+/- 1200l) I want to...
  13. T

    VIN Number.- Datacard Info

    Hi Been trying to find datacard information on internet, but VIN Number not found on sites that I have tried. Double checked the VIN number on V5 with the number on the car which are the same. Can anyone help with providing me with the datacard? The VIN Number is: WDB2094542T098898...
  14. R

    Wiper/indicator woes - part info needed.

    I've posted this elsewhere as I'm trying to reach the widest number of people to sort it out.... My CLK55 has an ongoing problem in that I can have wipers or indicators but not both - consistently - at the same time. My indy has fitted s/h stalks but has said that the main problem is with a...
  15. M

    Need some info on a car from the dark side!!!

    Hi All Its been an eventful 2 weeks for me, long story short, some idiot crashed into me 2 weeks ago, and wrote off my car. I need a new car ASAP. Cant get very excited about anything in the MB range right now. Well at least the ones in my "affordability list". I need a diesel, decent sized...
  16. B

    what does this info light mean?

    What does this warning message mean? the 3 people in seats !! nobody in rear! cant seem to find it in Handbook!
  17. W

    Help , with auto info ,

    Hi Still new to Mercedes Benz and auto cars generally, When I was at a track day I found a odd problem. I was holding the brake on revs are locked 2k If I am in N it is free and all I wanted is to do a burnout with my dead tyres and maybe get a better start of the line . Am I missing...
  18. flowrider

    Mercedes Club website down?

    Is anyone else having issues with connecting to.......... Home - Mercedes Benz Owners Site appears to be dowm. Thanks
  19. roman82

    Looking info about 400e w124

    Hi everyone.i do looking a bit information about w124 400e pre face lift model .as I do currently have 400e amg. And want know a bit more. Some one told me that they been made in same factory where 500e was produced ( porshe hand built ). ????
  20. 409LF8

    Looking any info on a Mercedes 409 M 115 engine swap

    Hello I have a 409 truck with a 2.3 litre petrol. It run's out of steam going uphill especially when towing and on a recent run to Brighton and back from Lincolnshire I spent £320 on fuel, so about 8mpg. I would like to swap the engine for something with more power and economy. Does...
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