1. D

    COMAND - track information not available with personal POIs

    I have a 2015 W212 with COMAND 5*1, at least I am pretty certain that is the version of COMAND I have. It has the ability to import personal POIs from the SD card. The files must be put in the root directory of the SD card in a folder called PersonalPOI. That works fine, except there is a...
  2. A

    W211 estate information

    After the problems with my 2011 W212 E250 I am thinking about going for an older W211 320 CDI with the V6 engine and 7G box. What kind of things should I be on the look out for in terms of spec options, years etc and in terms of things to check - brake SBC pump, air suspension etc? A...
  3. optimusprime

    Free catalog parts information

    Just had this to-day from Eckler MBZ Parts May not be any use the company is in USA Free with every part numbers you might need .Go to the site and fill in the bottom for a free catalog. Its full of parts that you might want for your mercedes .
  4. R

    E63 W211. Information needed....

    A new car will be on the horizon in July. One of the options I am considering is the E63 for circa £15k.. What running costs can I expect? Obviously MPG is rubbish. How about brakes and pads all round, tyres, suspension bits? How much does the servicing cost? What things go wrong on these...
  5. F

    Information Needed.

    Good morning. Hope everyone is ok after the Black Friday? :D Need info on how to resolve a small problem :confused: Car: Mercedes Benz CLS350 06' (petrol) Issue: battery symbol on dash cluster + visit workshop message Problem identified: main battery not holding charge (spec: 100ah, CCA 750)...
  6. 320 CLK

    Vehicle information from Chassis number.

    Hi. I got some time ago information on my W210 from the chassis number. It was great, gave the cars full spec. I can't remember where I got it. I know someone on here gave me the link. I have bought a nice 1998 C240 estate. It's a Japanese import. Would love to get the full information from the...
  7. D

    MB network - service information

    Hello Has anyone got access to the dealer network to pull copies of the service / warranty claims on my car? I have called the supplying dealer earlier and what they've sent doesn't look correct. It's only list 1/2 page of details, no warranty work, which I know isn't correct as it's just been...
  8. Calcifer

    1989 300E AMG 3.2L - Any Information?

    Morning guys, I was speaking to a friend last night who is interested in the AMG Hammer style 300E which was produced by AMG as a 3.2L Anyone here have any information about the cars? I could not seem to find much at all online except for a car for sale here: 1989 Mercedes AMG 3.2 - Mendel's...
  9. markmifsud

    Information for Iphone users

    I believe this affects just the iphone 6, but take head. Apple ios9 detects if you have tampered with the fingerprint sensor, this could also just be a screen replacement. If it does detect this, your handset could be bricked and Apples response to this is, buy a new handset and only use...
  10. optimusprime

    information on puttin car on the road

    Can anyone help please .My friend was hit by an artic last night.Story is no one hurt, but her car is a right off. Now she would like to know , is it possible to tax and insure her dead fathers car thats on her moms drive sitting on a sorn .Its urgent , as she needs it to go to her job . Its...
  11. C

    Excellent source of information

    Hi Guys, came across this and thought it maybe good to share - there is a six part video set on here on fixing the 722.6 gearbox
  12. P

    W212 Central Dash Information Screen

    Hi all - I have a W212 220 Amg sport (2014) which shows Kmph in the lower left side of the central display and I cant seem to change it ? - The MB online manual suggests I can change this to outside temp but I dont have an option ? Also it suggests I should have a AMG menu ? Can anyone help ?
  13. P

    Information on modules

    Hi Is there any books/DVDs,s available regarding fitted positions of electrical modules/motors on my Mercedes clk 200 cabriolet w208 year 2000 ?
  14. Steveml63

    A-Class/ A45 AMG Facelift Press Release

    2016 A45 photos and information Hi, Good details about the 2016 A45 here:- 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 Regains Title Of Most Powerful And Fastest Hot Hatch From RS3 Cheers Steve
  15. M

    Motorway Information not displayed

    I just purchased an approved used 2012 (62) plate S350. Despite checking the option in the Navigation menu, motorway information is not displayed when driving on motorways. Also, date and time are not displayed on the COMMAND screen The software version is 2012. Can someone pls advise
  16. artyman

    Missing Information

    I have The Navigation 20 system in my W204, which enables using a USB stick for music. I have recently added a few new albums to a new directory on the USB stick, and whilst the tracks played, the display only showed the Track Title, not the Album name or Artist. I though that perhaps the...
  17. optimusprime

    INFORMATION please

    Hi as i have been jumping up the wrong tree looking at the injectors i have gone from that. Now checking out the R16 trimmer plug .Can some one sort it out please ,what should the Plug be set on N normal fuel 91 octain, or S for super 95 octain . I dont what the octain was the last time i...
  18. optimusprime

    w124 original wings information

    Hi as i am looking for a pair of original mercedes wings . The way to check your original wing will be stamped up with the mercedes logo Three pointed star stamped on the side of the inner wing around by the hinge and spring for the bonnet . Its on the face the bolts go through, Looking for the...
  19. optimusprime

    information pre painted wings

    Hi As i am looking for wings i came across the ebay posting for pre painted wings for mercedes w124. Can anyone remember having one and iff so were they and good.? Thank you ..
  20. M

    W211 Sbc codes, help?? information please guys

    Pulling off the drive today and up popped the STOP! sign in Red, reduced braking and engine power, clearly the brakes are in emergency mode. Mate read the codes, C22B4 Hydraulic Fault: A7/3Y8 (RIGHT FRONT INLET Control valve) C2534 Hydraulic Fault A7/3Y2 (RIGHT FRONT SEPARATING VALVE) BOSCH...
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