1. S

    Slk 1.8 infra red key

    Hi all, i've just bought this car, a 2005 model, worked fine for a week or two. As i went to open the car the other morning the alarm went off and in my haste i pressed the buttons to stop it. The car ignition has worked sporadicly for a week but now the control panel wont energise and the key...
  2. tommyboy40

    1996 W124 coupe Infra red issues

    Hi all, I'm having some issues with one of the w124's. It locks perfectly with the button, red light flashes as it should. It doesn't however unlock, the light goes green but it makes no effort to unlock, no pump running. Any ideas? Cheers in advance
  3. sportyreptile

    W210 alarm/immobiliser with infra red key

    Noticed this odd behaviour a few times, I unlock the car with the infra red remote, jump in and close the door the hazard warning lights flash, have to lock and unlock the car again with the remote before it'll start. The alarm doesn't sound just the hazards flash. Would it be a failing door...
  4. 1

    Infra red keys

    W210 I need to have a key reprogramed which my local dealer will do for about 30mins labour, do i need to have the locks changed to?
  5. sub_zero

    W124 Infra red key

    Hi all, My W124 infra red key is not working any more,after many repairs it has ceased :( I have found some on ebay for sale,some are for W210 and some are for W140,will these work for my car? I know how to reprogram them (actually it is written in the infra red key manual). I want to buy...
  6. H

    infra red receiver

    Can any one help me to change the UR receiver on the door handle on my 2002 C220CDI, how do I remove to door card etc thanks
  7. G

    W124 infra red remote central locking problem

    The W124 estate that I have has two places to open the central locking, via the driver's door and via the tailgate. The engineer who looks after the car does a great job. However, he cannot locate why the remote control via the infra red key no longer works. I even bought a new key (over £100!)...
  8. glojo

    Infra red camera

    Can anyone recommend an infra-red camera type gizzmo that will allow me to look at our back garden during the hours of darkness? What I'm thinking is having the camera somehow connected to the computer via an IP address??? (out of my depth) I could Google the subject but I value personal...
  9. H

    ignition problem infra red key 2003 E220 CDI

    A problem has just started with my ignition - when I put the key into the ignition nothing happens. Fortunately after a few attemps I get the "Zzu" noise and everything is fine. When I pull the key out sometimes I do not get the "Zzu" noise. I am very worried that this problem will not get...
  10. iamamanc

    Infra red reciever

    Hi I have a clarion unit in my car. I bought an after sales remote that fixes to the steering wheel, it only works now and again. I rang clarion and they told me it is an issue with this head unit and I need a filter on the IR reciever. Does anyone know of a filter that takes out ambiant light...
  11. Iain

    Infra red key problem

    Just purchased a C200 sport auto on the 'W'. It has the usual 3 button IR remote key. When placing the key in the ignition, I cannot hear a click as is normal.When turning the key to position 2 all dashboard warning lights illuminate as normal.Then into starting position 3. Nothing. Starter...
  12. M

    Infra Red car headphones

    I want to add an IR headphone controller to my E class comand install and bought 2 pairs by phillips. they come with an IR output generator module that is normally connected to a mains transformer to provide power (phone charger type ) . For use in the car I need a regulated 12v 200ma power...
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