1. M

    Inherited Dad's E Class

    You may remember I joined the forum a few weeks ago looking for assistance in getting my dad's E class back on the road. It had been sitting for a few months due to illness. Well, sadly my father died very suddenly on the fifteenth of February. Everything goes to mum but she's never going to...
  2. Sp!ke

    Just inherited a goodie

    Last year I went skiing with a mate who rather cleverly had managed to secure a permanent parking spot at the local airport in Italy. In order to transport up to 8 skiiers with luggage and skiis he left an old eight seater W123 Limo in this spot for use most weekends to and from the airport...
  3. kbhogalW126

    Just inherited a w126 300se

    Hi there! I've just inherited a kind of metallic red/burgundy W126 300SE with a grey cloth interior from my dad who has bought himself a dark blue/aubergine two tone W140 with loads of toys. Anways, the car (W126) is in bad nick. Unfortunately dad let it rust up on the front right wing...
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