1. G

    Viano 3.0 CDi Limited initial RPM in drive and reverse

    Hi, I've been reading many posts regarding gearbox issues and the various limp modes but I can't find anything that has helped me get closer to identifying what the issue may be. My gut feeling is that the gearbox is the issue. If anyone can offer any advice before I take it to a...
  2. T

    Eurocharged V6 Map initial thoughts

    finally jumped the gun from v5 to v6. Start-up still the same i didnt request cold start delete as i love my neighbours. in manual smoother through the rev range although it occassionally hesitates. On sports plus full wot acceleration isnt working as planned it hesitates and on downshifts it...
  3. H

    Initial introduction and a few questions

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. My way of introduction my name is Hoshil and I live in London. I currently drive a W211 E240 avant-garde on an 03 plate and I love the thing! My mates call it the Taxi for obvious reasons! I've had a bug recently to chop it in for a E55/63 but tbh the prices...
  4. stwat

    How to Find the Leak in Your Airmatic Suspension Part 1: Initial Testing
  5. B

    First Merc. Initial impressions

    My first post here as I've just bought a low mileage, 8 month old C Class 250 Sport Auto Bluetec Estate after 35 years of VW's. Initial impressions are very favourable, especially the build quality, power and comfort. I'm also very impressed by the local MB dealer in considerable contrast to...
  6. Deker

    w203 Initial cold running problem

    Hi, Can anyone shed some light on a problem I have with my car, it starts fine in the cold weather but for the first half mile to a mile it has poor throttle response (it's as if the 'choke' isn't being applied), is there a separate temperature sensor for the cold start or are there any other...
  7. W

    E class 350 cdi se convertible - initial views

    Hi, I have now had my E Class 350CDI SE Convertible 2 weeks and yesterday I finally got to put a couple of hundred miles on the clock after a busy few weeks. I specified SE over Sport as my last CLK convertible was sport and the combination of the wheels, tyres and lower suspension were too...
  8. robertjrt

    Initial quick test log query

    :dk:Help! I have copies of two Test Logs and I would like an opinion on them. As you may well have read about my saga with Mercedes-Benz I am still searching for how the damage was caused. Post have indicated that jump starting the dead battery on my car is unlikely, if so, how do you do...
  9. Mactech

    Initial thoughts?

    I have always known that the Germans have a sense of humour. The Mercedes badge system is witness to this. I have read on this forum the various views on re-badged and de-badged cars and can understand many of the views expressed. The system starts simply enough by stating the car type A, B...
  10. C

    Initial thoughts on my C43AMG - long post

    Having owned a ‘99 C43AMG for a couple of weeks now, I thought I’d post my views for information and/or feedback from others. To put my thoughts into context, my previous few cars, most recent first, were: 2004 Renault Megane 1.9 diesel (120 bhp) (temporary company car) 2002 Volvo S60...
  11. C

    initial impressions of new E350

    I've now put 400 or so miles on my new W211 E350 and thought I might jot down my initial impressions, if anyone is interested. As background, I "upgraded" from a 2002 W208 (C208?) CLK320, which I also had from new. Before that I had a W210 and a W124 (are estates still 'W'?). There are a...
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