1. N

    Priming Injection system W639 Vito

    Folks, Having stripped down the Injection system to repair a faulty seal in the pump, how am I best going about bleeding the system? Do I really need Star? Can I just crank (short bursts)? Any assistance appreciated.
  2. M

    Water injection

    I have recently been looking into the benefits of adding a water vapour into the induction flow. Has anyone added a water or water/meth system into an M175 (V8 Bi-Turbo) ?
  3. A

    Cheap methanol for water injection

    Do any of you AMG speed freaks use such a commodity in your modified motors? Plenty available in N.E London / Essex border or Herts. 25L multiples upwards. I might be able to deliver it for very little cost. PM me if interested, convince me you're not a 'tramp' (in the booze sense) and I'll...
  4. John Jones Jr

    Water/Meth Injection Kit purchased.

    Following on from this thread I purchased a Snow Performance kit, this one: Stage 2 MAF/MAP Water-Methanol Injection System Another eBay special offer @ $399 and free shipping within the U.S. (which happens to...
  5. L

    280SE continuous injection

    Starts fine cold but doesn't fast idle, and dies initially if you apply throttle. After idling for maybe 30sec it's OK. Anyone care to guess which bit of the injection system I should swap from the scrap car? I'm guessing the thermo switch and 7th (cold start) injector are working or I doubt...
  6. D

    w211 secondary air injection pump

    It looks like I may need one of these. New appears to be around the £400 but where's the best place to find an OEM part? Thanks
  7. WG M-B

    Wanted. Airmass sensor M119 LH injection

    As above. A decent used one required Terry 02088639233 or via PM
  8. E

    R129 SL500 -how can I disable fuel injection?

    Evenin' all. I need to do a cylinder compression test on my 1994 SL500 (base module unit, not OVP). Is there an easy way to disable the fuel injection temporarily so that it does not fuel while I am cranking the engine over?
  9. E

    R129 SL500- It never rains but it pours -Transmission, Injection, Thermostat...

    Well, I fitted the new ignition leads to my 1994 R129 SL500 today. It now has new engine wiring harness, distributor caps & rotors, ignition leads, and plugs. The regular misfire is gone - Hurrah! HOWEVER... It still runs roughly, and misses, splutters and holds back under throttle - quite...
  10. P

    w202 C250TD on veg oil - water injection methods

    Ring gumming. Been reading various water injection threads with interest. One day I may set it all up properly with valves and pumps etc, but in the meantime, I was thinking pumped garden fence sprayer straight into plenum twice a year before the car's oil change and dino thrash. My question...
  11. John Jones Jr

    Water/Meth Injection.

    Guys, I've started to have just a bit more than a passing interest in WMI due to still owning the C230K. I only know one person using the system on their car, power wise it's 2.5 times my own and no expense spared either on all engine components, which is in a totally different league to my...
  12. grober

    Water injection

    It was perhaps inevitable with the increasing numbers of small forced induction petrol engines appearing that this old technology would re-surface. Water Injection We have all experienced how engines run better in dense humid air conditions so this may be a good thing. Claims for...
  13. M

    W124 220 injection question

    I have a strange one here as I did the head on my 220. I disconnected the crank sensor and pulled the plugs so as to spin it over and bleed the tappets. But what I noticed was number one injector only was letting off a short spray of fuel as I would start to crank the engine. Now I am...
  14. Optimus prime

    E63 2010 indirect or direct injection ?

    As above car is 2010 6.2 n/a W212 Thanks
  15. D

    Water/Methanol Injection

    Hi All, Who has it and what are your opinions? It's a part of my long term plan for modding my 270CDI. Cheers
  16. S

    Is the CLS 350 / 500 a direct injection engine + LPG Q

    Hi, new hear so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm super keen to get a CLS (W219 05-11) either 350 or 500 but to make the costs work would need to run it on LPG. Spoke to the guy who would do it (has converted 2 cars previously for me) and he said it was possible as long as its...
  17. RetiredSlider

    eBay Secondary Air Injection Pumps? (from China!)

    Howdy, Anybody got (or had) any experience with these Chinese SIP's? I need one for my CLS as it's failed (swapped the relay, no joy) They're cheap - but question is whether they'll fail again in another year or so? :crazy...
  18. Alps

    Secondary Air Injection Pump error E55 W211

    Hi All Check engine light appeared last week, quick test on STAR pointed to Secondary Air injection system. When I first bought the car within 3 months I had the same error and a replacement relay sorted that out. This was over 4 years back. MB carry the Relay in stock which I will pick...
  19. honalulu

    1994 c250 non turbo injection pump oil level

    I have had problems with starting the c250. All the plastic fuel pipes have been changed but still a problem. So I removed the fuel shut off valve and replaced the O ring at the rear of the valve and removed the primer pump to check the non return valve which drained the injector pump. Now I...
  20. AnimMerc

    Smallest V8 with electronic fuel injection

    Unbelievable Smallest V8 with electronic fuel injection - YouTube I dare not show my daughter this video, she is eight and asking for a miniature car for her to drive already.
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