1. T

    leaking injector seal

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 E220 Elegance. I managed to diagnose a leaking injector seal (aka the black death) and got it replaced and cleaned up at Cambridge Injectors (Stuart was brilliant - would recommend). However it still has the horrible coal like smell inside when I have the blowers on...
  2. 650max

    2007 Sprinter injector leak-off rates.

    I'm pretty certain I've got one or more dribbling injectors on my 2007 311 CDI, they're the Bosch Piezo type.. Symptoms are - rough idle when hot (as though it were running on 3.5 cylinders or imagine putting the choke on a hot petrol engine), very smoky at idle, clears when under way after...
  3. C

    MB Diesel Injector installation Grease 50G A001989425110

    Mercedes-Benz CDI Engines Injector Grease 50G tub - A001989425110 Un-opened - RRP is approx. £20 This is grease to use when re-installing diesel injectors. I have several tubs available - £12 posted. Please email me at: [email protected]
  4. W

    Mercedes Sprinter - Loss of power (P0252)

    Hi, I'm not that good when it comes to cars and mechanics. I've had my 2011 - 313 Sprinter for a while now and I have had the error 'P0252 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control “A” Range/Performance (Cam/Rotor/Injector)' for sometime. The van lacks power, sometimes as soon as I start it, it...
  5. C

    Dissel injector return connectors

    Hi im currently looking to find some connectors for my injector returns the hding clips snapped on mine as i was chaging the injector seals on my w204 any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. I

    Injector parts

    Hi and thanks for letting me join ive got a 2004 ml 270 mercedes and the injector seals have gone which ive replaced but one off the injectors was split at the bottom im wondering if anyone would know where to get the nozzle nut/holder any help would be great thank you
  7. E

    W211 injector problem

    It seems that cylinder 2 injector isn't playing ball Diagnostic says cylinder 2 misfire. Changed all plugs new.changed coilpack leads and injector from anther cylinder and it still says cylinder 2 misfire.put a stethoscope on injectors and all seem to tick bar no2. Which I think means a...
  8. R

    W211 injector wiring harness

    Hi all I've owned my 2008 2.1 e220 auto for 5 weeks now & in random times it's went into limp mode, put the engine check light on, ran rough on idle or rough just plodding around. These happened some together, some not & at total random times. The garage are getting it sorted under warranty but...
  9. S

    Injector leak at 38,000 miles

    Just had my C250 serviced, 61 plate, 38000 miles. Been told injectors 3 and 4 leaking and main dealer cost could be £1700 to fix it. Firstly is this normal to happen at such low mileage? Secondly any indie in the Newbury, Reading, Basingstoke area that members have had good experience sorting...
  10. A

    Injector seal leaking nearest to the bulkhead

    Hello I have a 55 plate 270 clk cdi & the injector nearest to the bulkhead is leaking which I presume will be the copper washer that needs replacing. I am wondering if there are any problems I may come across when changing the copper washer? It has not been leaking for very long so there is not...
  11. B

    W639 - Black death again on back injector, advice needed.

    Hi, Vito 111 55 plate. Noticed some whiffs of fumes recently, took air filter off today and injector number 3(or poss 4) is leaking. I already fixed injector 1 last year Because the injectors are arranged front to back, injector 1 was easy to access but 3/4 look a lot harder! Has anyone...
  12. th3h1ghlander

    270 CDI injector blowing after MOT

    Hi all, after picking up my W203 C270 CDI after MOT I noticed exhaust gas smell and put it down to the testing at the time. Driving the car properly for the first time since I still had the smell so I got to my destination and opened the bonnet to a very distinctive sound of "PFFT PFFT PFFT...
  13. T

    Injector spec (flow rate) for facelift W202 C200

    Morning all, I've just fitted my DIY fuel economy computer (an "MPGuino") and am looking to get the second of the two values it uses (injector uSec/gall) dialled. I've done some searching and it has been inconclusive. I'm currently using 22lb/hr as my starting flow rate as that's what a US...
  14. H

    Should I tollerate a Merc garage responding to a Vito injector issue like this??

    Hi folks..My vito went in to the local Merc garage as it was having problems starting on cold mornings. Glow plug issues were eliminated. Hard sooty build up was found around the injectors (the back death as i understand it) and two of the injectors werefound to be 'blowing'. Hours were spent...
  15. A

    Vito Compact 111cdi injector removal tool yr 2009

    Hi Guys New to the forum so be gentle. Vito yr 2009 111cdi compact 2148cc Looking for the correct mercedes vito 111 cdi injector removal tool. I have enclosed a pic of the injector in situ.It had the dreaded black death syndrom and have spent two days getting this far.Looking at the correct tool...
  16. M

    Need e320 CDI injector help

    Hey team - new here. I may be in the wrong place but I didn't see a specific diesel section. I'm struggling with what I thought was a simple job of changing the injector seals on my 06 CDI. I started with the first one and its still an ongoing process. After pulling the first injector and...
  17. B

    E350 cdi Injector seal replacement

    Hi all after several questions about fumes entering into my cabin at standstill, going slow in traffic etc, it seems I may have a leaking injector! Does anyone know of a good indy garage that could do this repair for me in Cornwall preferably VAT registered as this repair will be done...
  18. 4

    injector noise w211

    What should i use for injector noise ? Injector cleaner or oil ??
  19. T

    S320 CDI Injector Removal

    Hi I have two leaking injectors. I have stripped down to the point of needing a removal tool and was wondering if anyone has a removal tool to hire or can recommend the correct model number of the tool to purchase please? The tool i have been told will fit is a Sealey VS2056 but not sure if it...
  20. G

    Failed injector???

    Hi, I started my car today and was greeted with a nasty clatter. I had a look under the bonnet and saw what looked like smoke coming from the front right injector along with a loud ticking/chatter. Also the injector is caked in what looks like a dry black tar. Is this a big job to get...
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