1. E

    Camshaft sensors?

    Hi all. Hope you can help... I have just bought myself a CLK280 convertible with the AMG sport pack etc. It's a 55 with 100000 miles on it or thereabouts (3L engine so miles don't worry me) - so, bought it on Friday, broke down on Sunday, diagnostics run by Mercedes main dealer on Monday and...
  2. AngryDog

    Limit of E55K injectors

    What is the power limit of the standard injectors for the E55K? I'm considering going for a 77mm pulley but want to make sure the fuelling is all ok before I do. Also, on a healthy engine with 77mm pulley, manifolds and larger heat exchanger, what power would I be looking at?
  3. DanMorgan

    W124 M103 Injectors

    Hi All, Noticed these on eBay at a great price. I had a quick look online and think they are the correct ones for a M103 Petrol but reading down I could see diesel in the description box. 6 x BOSCH Infusing Valve Injector Valve Mercedes W201 W124 W123 W460 W116 etc | eBay Could anyone...
  4. Richard1973

    E320cdi S210 injectors

    Can anyone recommend a good diesel specialist in the Burton-on-Trent area? Need an injector or two! Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  5. G

    W208 430 vs 320 throttle body and injectors

    Any idea if they are compatible??? Need a new s/h TB and hard to find a 430 one that isnt stupid price... but easy to find a 320 one around £30 Also are the injectors the same??? Im doubtful that they are the same... but you guys seem to know what i dont so thought i would ask! Suns...
  6. Peter Michaels

    Wrong injectors fitted

    Hello can anyone please tell me what the danger is driving with wrong injectors? I drive a 2002 MB C class 220 CDI diesel estate. One day it would not start and my mechanic rung me to say it needs 3 injectors. He said he can get them from the breakers yard for £60 each. I agree and he replaced...
  7. T

    CDI Injectors

    These are what are known as ball and seat injectors ! You will see they have an en code number on the injector! This matched upon install on many MB engines to the ECU and known as it IQA--Injector Quantity Adjustment. (Use of a scanner. to program) That adjustment is derived from the...
  8. S

    Question about Mercedes 270cdi injectors

    Hi folks, I need to order injectors for our Mercedes W203 270cdi 2002. Its now getting a little long in the tooth, and usual faults are beginning to surface. After suffering from the dreaded saddle bag fuel tank syndrome, I have replaced the fuel filter (Merc OE), all plastic fuel lines, and...
  9. Dogbreath

    E55K High flow fuel injectors

    Has anyone fitted these ? I've only found Eurocharged or Fabtech selling the Bosch versions, are there any others to look at? Any info would be grateful. Thanks Lee
  10. C

    Diesel injectors

    I have removed 2 injectors, to include the feed pipes and connectors. Once everthing is cleaned, reassembled and reattached do I need to bleed the injector feed pipes before the engine fires up? Or is it a case of keep turning the engine untill it fires up? I'm not sure if an air blockage can...
  11. U

    Help! engine shake/cough 2012 c220 cdi w204

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone can help me here. Bought a c220 cdi sport 3 weeks ago with 89k on clock, privately. Test drive was fine, paperwork all ok, so did the deal and drove it home, no issues. The very next day, when i started the car i felt a shake from the car...then again...
  12. S

    ML 163 diesel injectors

    Hi all, Apologies, if I'm posting in the wrong place. I've got what would appear to be a knackered injector on 2.7d 02 ML. Does anyone know if this is an easy replacement for a DIY mechanic? Many thanks Steve
  13. E240estate

    W638 Vito 108 CDI OM611 injectors

    I need to replace one of my injectors, as I damaged it when removing it. Trying to work out what part number to go by. On the top of the injector cap it says 2306 1520 78827 and also 0985 435 053. As far as I can tell the number I need starts with 0445, but I cannot see this on the injector...
  14. V

    Accessing injectors to check for leaks

    Hi all Just looking for advise please I've just bought another Vito (115 Sport ) and it has a ticking sound , just wondering can you just remove the plastic cover and lift it off as simple as that or will I require seals etc , started undoing the right hand Allen screw and seen oil on thread...
  15. E

    Reconditioned Injectors?

    I'm looking for a source of refurbed injectors for a 2006 Facelift E220 CDI. It's difficult, as with all things, it's hard to know if you getting quality items from a reputable source, or a bit of a bodge job! Two places I've found from google ads (never a good sign!) are: Specialist...
  16. E

    '94 R129 SL500 Injectors

    Still plugging (no pun intended) on with the thing - still misfiring on no.5 cylinder, which is the one it was misfiring on originally. New distributor caps & rotors, new HT leads, new plugs, have made no difference. Some will recall that when I changed the plugs, the one in no.5 showed no signs...
  17. Charles Morgan

    Sizing fuel injectors etc

    One of the ironies of the internet is that the more information one can find the more one seeks to check it for accuracy, normally online. I am planning fitting a Megasquirt ECU and new fuel injection to my W114 Coupe, which currently runs Bosch D Jetronic. This requires me to size new fuel...
  18. W

    E320 cdi injectors

    Hi ya lads, could 1 of you good people help me please....? I have e320 cdi & im about to change my injector copper seats, (there little bubbles of fuel, & little puff of air). i as my parts.. seals copper.- bolts. but im not sure which way round the copper seats go. is it...
  19. S

    E320 CDI wont start after injectors out.

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. I'm new here today, looking for any ideas / help as getting very frustrated with my E320 CDI engine. 1. Have removed two injectors to fit new seals. 2. Bought injector puller from ebay, pulled injector out but made hole in rocker box cover ...
  20. C

    Reconditioned Injectors

    If any body looking for diesel repairs try this place excellent service
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