1. mercmancdi

    Map Sensor in inlet manifold advice please

    I am working on 06 freelander with the BMW td4 4 engine , if I plug the map sensor out of inlet manifold while engine is ticking over and after plugging Sensor out it makes no difference is this a sure sign sensor is not working. I joined a land rover site but advice is very thin on the...
  2. C

    W108 inlet manifold

    Hi, I've just bought a 1969 280s W108 and working on some carb issues. I,m curious about the balance weights sticking out of the inlet manifold which I can see are linked to some sort of flap assembly. See bottom right of attached image. The weights seem to be solid or ceased. Should they be...
  3. 91dm

    Wanted OM606 Inlet Manifold

    Hello, I'm looking for an OM606 inlet manifold to chop up so condition not that important. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. Richard1973

    Inlet manifold replacement W210 320cdi

    Hi, finally getting round to sorting the EGR fault. Ordered a complete second hand manifold with EGR, cooler and swirl flap motor. Going to clean this up ready to fit. Does the inlet use a gasket? Someone has told me it is reusable? Also going to do the fuel lines while I'm at it. Anyone...
  5. D

    Wanted ML270 inlet manifold

    Hi guys anyone got one of these spare?
  6. lfckeeper

    Inlet port shutoff ist kaputt

    As above my inlet port shutoff has put the car into limp mode with the orange engine light on. After a bit of research on this I've been left fuming really as the words 'badly designed turbo' and 'common problem' keep coming up. Then to read mercedes were aware there was a problem and...
  7. estate-agent

    Looks like inlet flap delete for me...

    Well all has been fine with my CLK (270 CDI) until today. Just popped into Cornwall and all was fine as usual. Started the car ready for my trip home to Devon and as soon as I pulled out of the car park... No boost. :mad: Drove the 70 mile journey back to my home town with the ecu light on...
  8. pmcgsmurf

    Fault Code 2513-1 / Check Component M55 Inlet Port Shutoff Motor / W211 E220 CDi OM64

    Hi folks Today my old W211 E220 CDi wont rev. above 3,000 RPM and shows code 2513-1 Check Component M55 (inlet port shutoff motor). I'm guessing the motor may be bunged up and stuck/sticking. Anyone any experience of this and am I right in the below sequence? Soon as I get some time I'm...
  9. T

    ml270 inlet manifold change

    :bannana::bannana:well i changed the manifold at the weekend and tbh not as bad a job as some people have said,that said you do need to have some mechanicail know how about you,i saw that some say you need to remove the fuel rail,no you don't but you will need to unbolt it and lift it,of course...
  10. T

    Ml w163 inlet manifold

    Does anyone know what the torque setting are for fitting the manifold to the block?cheers:wallbash:
  11. T

    Ml270 cdi inlet manifold

    Hi just after a bit of advice,my ml won't rev above 3000rpm and there is no pulling power, i did a check on the ecu and its come up with inlet valve port,I'm guessing it means the stepper motor????? are the flaps open and the motor closes them or is it the other way? cheers for the help in...
  12. Avnt

    Inlet motor

    Is they anyway of cleaning the gunk off of the inlet port motor on a 350 cdi? Im changing the seal on the cold side of the turbo and would like to clean the gunk of safely. Tia
  13. K

    W164 Inlet Manifold Seals

    I know I should be able to find this witrh a search, but I haven't managed yet... I'm looking for the Part Numbers for the Inlet manuifold seals on my ML 320 2007, so I can order them. There are two of them that leak oil after a few years and cause other (more serious) problems. One seals...
  14. M

    W163 ML 270CDI inlet manifold repair?

    I have a small oil leak (an annoying drip or two each day making a mess of my drive!) my local MB garage (Hertford) tells me it is the inlet manifold that needs replacing. However, the cost quoted at an MB garage doesn't seem worthwhile for the age, 2005. Does anyone know whether there is...
  15. S

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo acctuator

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo actuator these both went on my 2008 E270 diesel. I have just bought an E350 S212 does this suffer similar issues?
  16. dokalj

    ML270 CDI Inlet Manifold.

    Hi all, As per the title. Thanks
  17. carat 3.6

    WANTED: W140 300se inlet manifold

    Bit of a long shot, but I'm after an inlet manifold for a m104.990. Part number: 1041413401. Only found on early w140 300 models. If anyone has one, or knows where I can get one, please get in touch. Cash waiting.:thumb:
  18. S

    inlet manifold

    Does anybody have or know where I can obtain a swirl flap carrier from a c220 cdi 2002. it fits inside the plastic inlet manifold. I have tried everywhere and cant put my car back together without one. I have tried to attach a picture. Thanks for any help.
  19. K

    W163 Inlet Port Shut Off Motor Advice

    Guys, looking for some guidance on what to do here. Have a 2002 ML270 with the dreaded power loss issue that's been diagnosed as the Inlet Port Shut Off Motor. I have a few options available to me. New part from Merc is €230 + €180 for my mechanic to fit. 2nd hand part with warranty...
  20. G

    Help needed to remove air box and maybe supercharger or inlet manifold?.

    Hi I have a 2006 C200 coupe 271.940 1.8lt, I can just see under the air box a split vacuum hose, and I need to repair it. I understand that there are a few vacuum hoses around and under this area. Has anyone posted a step by step, hopefully with pics, on how to remove what's needed to get at...
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