1. M

    320 cdi turbo location For inline 6

    I have a 2005 w211 e320 cdi with I6 engine. I would like to check out the turbo actuator as having jerking symptoms under hard acceleration. There seems to be lots of info for V6 but I can' t find any suitable photo/video or diagram for my car. Be very grateful if someone could point me...
  2. cellarmerc

    W211´05 E320 CDI inline 6cyl - glow plug light relay question

    Hi, I just recently had the batteries, the small SBC one and the main battery replaced ..... now the glow plug light is staying on for about 40 sec when I first start the engine in the morning. It is not always coming on, when the car has been driven and restarted later after a drive it doesnt...
  3. K

    ESP inline switch at the fuse

    Hi again. For some background I drive a Mercedes CLK200 kompressor (W208). Its modified and I do a bit of drifting in it. I know as many people have stated, when I turn the esp off, it never really is turned properly off. To rectify this unfortunate problem I plan to wire a switch from the...
  4. O

    v6 or inline 6

    hi everyone..looking at puchasing a s class 320 cdi 2005 model..which engine is likely to be fitted v6 or inline 6 ? how do i check airmatic suspension is working correctly ? best internet site for vhicle hpi check ? any known faults to look out for ?
  5. M

    M104 3.2 inline six

    I'm looking for a good condition m104 3.2 inline six engine for my failing project car. Engine out and delivery available would be good, also some or all the ancillaries if possible. I know these engines were in a variety of models but if it was sourced from a w124 of some kind if would help...
  6. spock500

    IP pressure relief valve, performance mod - inline pumps

    Need a bit of help here chaps (see link below for performance mod) On the OM605 the pressure relief valve is shown as No 125 in the diagram which I suspected to be faulty but this may not be the case. The old relief valve is shown below The thing is there doesn't seem to be any difference...
  7. J

    In-line chip for E320 CDI

    I have recently purchased a diesel performance chip for my W211 E320 CDI but I cannot locate the 'fuel pressure sensor' on the common rail. The chip was supplied by 'Car Performance Parts' of Exeter and they assure me that this is the correct fitting for my car. Can anyone tell me how to locate...
  8. Howard

    I wish I'd put that inline fuse before the amp.... :rolleyes:
  9. B

    e300td inline fuel filter

    I am trying to locate the e300td inline fuel filter. I have 2 photos 1. which is near the brake fluid bottle and 2 which is near the f/NS wing near the washer bottle Any help appreciated
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