1. B

    Insanity Workout DVD

    I have an Insanity DVD box set for sale, brand new never used. 13 discs of pure workout hell. Loads of these for sale on ebay for circa £100.00. I am looking for £75.00 inc p&p.
  2. E

    Number plate insanity

    I don't know if it is the same in the UK, but here in Oz there are number plates that people can actually sell for rego. They buy them and hang onto them as some sort of investment. Some are asking thousands of dollars for some of the most stupid things. I hope that I can come up with...
  3. Satch

    Road pricing insanity finally dropped.

    Might almost think there was an election on the way Motorists' victory as Government drops plans for local road pricing scheme "Ministers have dropped proposals for urban congestion charging across the country, in what will be regarded as a victory for motorists. It follows the...
  4. Satch

    Collective insanity

    is the only term I can use to describe yesterday. Often said that standards of general behaviour are dropping but that is wrong. They have dropped already and seem to be getting worse. It was supposed to be easy: self & Mrs S. to drive 120 miles to drop/collect aged/infirm relatives then 140...
  5. G

    Navi Installation Insanity

    I have recently purchased a new company car CLS305cgi but without command aps but instead aps50 (budget). I would like to get Command APS installed with the intention of taking the Command APS unit out from my current E class w211 and installing it into the CLS and installing the CLS's APS50...
  6. Spinal

    Insanity comes packed in a swf file...

    Greetings! I have managed to fall down some stairs and tear a ligament! (and someone told me excercise was good for me, yeah right!) Anyways, I've had alot more time to surf the net, and here is a lovely time was... I mean game... Cliccky I hotlinked it straight so you don't need to deal with...
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