1. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Avantgarde Grill Insert

    A must for any W202 as it completely updates the front of the car. getting rare these days. Good condition, easy to fit with my HOWTO Guide from 10 years ago: £40 (delivery included)
  2. AndyKO

    '03 W211 O/S/F Bumper Chrome Insert

    **WANTED** W211 2003 - O/S/F Chrome corner bumper insert off an E270 CDI Avantgarde. Can anyone let me know if you have one of these. I've tried fleabay but not one breaker has asnwered my emails/text messages as of yet! Thanks Guys, Andy
  3. carat 3.6

    WTB: W124 pre-facelift grill insert

    As above, anyone got one for sale? A stray bird took mine out in the early hours this morning.:(
  4. Fudger

    How to remove drinks holder insert

    Folks, this is for only the highly technical amongst you :) How the hell do I get this insert out?
  5. C

    CLC Wing mirror indicator insert replacement

    Morning all, I have an 09 CLC 220. Last week myself and an old Ford Fiesta had a wing mirror joust and this happened. Ive ordered one of these. Mercedes-Benz CLC CLS CLK SLK SL E LED Mirror Indicator Repeater Right O/S | eBay And then realised, im not a mechanic and I dont...
  6. C

    W211 E Class Estate - Rear Stowage Box Insert

    Hello chaps, I'm not sure if this is the correct section for this so if it's not then I do apologise. Does anyone have an insert for the stowage box that sits behind the passenger seats in an W211 estate? This is the rubber mat that sits inside the box. I'm not after a freebe. I will happily...
  7. poormansporsche

    Insert joke here part 2 !!!

    Lorry carrying 22 tonnes of ketchup spills load across the East Lancs Road - Liverpool Echo :)
  8. poormansporsche

    Insert Joke here .......

    Drivers face a slippery situation as 24 tonnes of lard spill across motorway - Mirror Online Good job it wasnt in Yorkshire or else you wouldnt be able to move for flat cap wearing, whippet owners wiping their bread on the road :devil:
  9. Dave Richardson

    CL203 Front bumper insert part number

    I need to buy a new or s/h near side front bumper insert trim for my 2002 CL203. Would anyone know the part number and or if an insert from a saloon would fit ? I know that I could phone the dealership but they may get a tad as-ey if I just ask the number & then go off on e bay to source...
  10. F

    WANTED *** W210 front bumper foam insert

    Anyone near Manchester got the foam insert that goes behind the front bumper please? I sold the spare bumper I had off my old car, complete with foam insert, the day before finding out my new E55 didn't have one fitted. I assume they're the same on all W210s? Wobbly bumper makes me sad...
  11. K

    W210 E55 front bumper insert between fog lights

    On my E55 both slotted covers next to the fog lights (I presume one covers tow hook) are missing...are they AMG specific or will stock ones fit. Cheers Ken
  12. S

    2003 CLK Front bumper chrome insert strip (passenger side) A209 885 0321

    Listing here. Thanks 2003 CLK Front bumper chrome insert strip (passenger side) A209 885 0321 | eBay
  13. S

    Injector insert

    Hi can anyone tell me now I've got the injector out how do I get the insert out , on the utube vid he takes it out with a magnet but I've tried this and it doesn't seem to move ?
  14. P

    Clk 63 AMG bumper insert

    Hi hoping one of you knowledgeable guys/ladies can help. I've got a 2003 CLK 240 with an AMG kit. I'm hoping to put a set of quad exhausts on. But need to get the bumper inserts. I contacted NYC Mercedes and they gave me the part numbers below for a CLK 63 AMG bumper insert. Below are the part...
  15. tonyc280

    How do i insert pictures on a thread

    as above. I need to attach some pictures to a new thread but don't know how to. Some instructions would be grand. Cheers, Tony.
  16. P

    scratched black insert on dash....

    hello all, i have a piano black insert on my dash which has quite a few scratches on it, is there a way to remove these? thanks in advance
  17. Dave Richardson

    Image or photo insert

    Could someone help please I'm trying to write & post & insert images from my photobucket acc. could someone tell me the easy way to insert images, it seems that which ever line I click in photobucket it shows an invalid file on the post I'm trying to write Dave:dk::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:
  18. mark_le_b

    W210 E55 AMG Bumper Insert New For Sale

    Hi I have a new/unused W210 E55 AMG bumper insert if anybody needs one... On e-bay, Mercedes E55/E36 Genuine AMG Bumper Insert HWA210 885 02 26 for W210 AMG E Class | eBay Thanks Mark
  19. C

    Mercedes R230 SL55 rear bumper mesh insert

    An unused brand new rear bumper mesh for an R230 SL55. Item has never been fitted and is a genuine OEM part. Would cost £240 from Mercedes. Part number: A230 885 04 53 Please send me a private message if you are interested Price: £80
  20. M

    W124 Grill insert

    Does anybody know whether the genuine MB plastic grill insert on a facelift w124 grill is grey or black? part number A1248880323
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