1. John N

    AMG Style Side Skirt Inserts!

    I have discovered a problem with both sides AMG Style Side Skirt Inserts in the area of the Front Jacking Pad Points, there appears to be either Flaking Paint, a Hairline Crack or a Crack in the Paint running for approx six inches! :wallbash: The cause MAY be down to incorrect or careless...
  2. D

    w124 back bumper inserts no longer avail

    mercedes yesterday said none avail and they will not make any the car should be marked uneconomical to repair and written off:wallbash:
  3. Mrhanky

    W211 Front grille big star Black inserts

    W211 pre facelift Front Grille (After Market) large star, 3 fin with black inserts. Grille is in good condition with some age related marks that should mostly polish out. Price is £80 including postage
  4. C

    2007 SL350: Removing Front Bumper outer mesh inserts

    Hi Guys Need help please. Am thinking of fitting DRLs next to the front fog lights (Insurance company likes this). The fog lights are recessed behind the plastic cross hatched mesh insert in the lower left/right of the front bumper. The insert also holds the bright-work surrounding each fog...
  5. S

    ml door card inserts

    any ideas where i could buy new brushed aluminium door card trim bits from, just got my ml63 and the cars perfect inside out apart from little dents in the driver and passanger door card aluminum trim bits where the previous owners let the seat belt clip bang on them, just i like my cars 100% ...
  6. adile220

    w124 facelift coupe bumper inserts

    Hi all, Can anyone verify these bumper inserts would fit my 1996 w124 coupe? Or anyone know where I can find some? Thanks and regards Adil
  7. adile220

    w124 coupe bumper inserts

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can source the front and rear bumper inserts for a face lift w124 coupe? Rough estimate of price will also be appreciated. Best Adil
  8. J

    Quilted seat inserts?

    I would love to do this to the seats. Just the middle quilted portion that was done here. It looks like the existing leather stayed stock, but just the middle inserts were added. Is this a big deal? This would be on an all black seat with black insert in the middle. Not that tan/black combo...
  9. 1

    C63 Inserts

    The C63 comes with the brushed aluminium inserts as standard. Black ash is an option. Do you think it would look better with the ash or too dark as the car is palladium silver with black leather interior?
  10. Palmer

    W202 C36 AMG Foglights + Bumper Inserts

    Yo! Searching for some foglights for my C36 bumper, the wiring would be handy too! Also the bumper inserts that go in the bumper to cover the tow eye. If anyone knows of anywhere to get them at a reasonable price hit me up! So far ive got like £60 for 1 for one foglight and £80 per bumper...
  11. phaseone

    W211 Front bumper inserts

    Can anyone tell me if the black mesh panels in the front bumper just clip in in a W211 please ?
  12. C

    W210 avantgarde front bumper inserts

    Wanted - W210, 2000 year V palte, facelift model, Avantgarde, E class, Nearside front bumper insert, preferably in silver but not an issue if not. However must be have or be capable of fitting parking sensors. If needs must I may stretch to a full bumper (facelift model) CASH waiting...
  13. T

    W124 Estate door sill inserts

    The inserts appear to be foil covered plastic and they're cracked and lifting, I've searched the forums and I see that a couple of members 'Burdy' and 'clever dicky' have fabricated these from stainless steel but for other models, not a W124. I don't have the post count yet to email them...
  14. LTD

    Number plate fixing inserts

    ... or whatever the correct term is ... Whilst changing my old scabby plates today two of the tailgate bolts refused to come out unless the threaded insert came with the bolts. Does anybody know if these are available or will it mean resorting to some DIY bodging ?
  15. M

    W124 Bumper inserts

    Does anybody know if the bumper inserts are interchangeable between pre and post facelift cars? As far as I can see, the only difference is the pre facelift being the black vinyl typre and post facelift being colour coded? I was wondering if there is any difference in the shape or the position...
  16. M

    W124 zinc plate inserts between the wishbone and front spring

    On page 5 of the service manual PDF regarding the procedure of changing front springs I found that UK and Sandinavian versions of W124 have zinc plate inserts under the front springs. I guess those inserts are to...
  17. trapperjohn

    Facelift 124 Saloon Bumper Inserts.

    Exactly as it say in the title. Any colour will do. I will collect. They will be resprayed so scratches are acceptable. No holes are major cracks please. Many thanks.
  18. Howard

    Inserts for door keyholes

    Hi all I have one of those black plastic press in inserts for the lock on my boot , and want another one for the A class . I can't for the life of me find the part number , does anyone remember it offhand ? H
  19. hi_flyer437

    W211 Chrome Bumper Inserts

    Anyone know if these are available separately or just with the bumper insert? Having the front bumper resprayed after Mrs Flyer came second in the E270 vs car park wall competition. The chrome (well, tin-foil covered plastic) insert of the near side is cracked and scuffed and the driver's...
  20. P

    Front wheel arch inserts

    A daft question i know but half the insert is outside the arch and the rest on the inside on my w211 57 reg, should the plastic be under the front lip on the arch or on the outside of the arch rim, ta:crazy:
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