1. MB-tex

    Need to borrow W124 hub bush install tool.

    Hi all Anyone got the tool that presses in the bush in the rear knuckle to which the lower control arm attaches? I need to borrow one quick! I have been pressing in and out lots of bushes recently with mixed results but these look like they are beyond my basic technique and huge old press...
  2. P

    Install Pedal box to W212

    So I've been given a used pedal box (which suppose to improve throttle response) with no instructions or box, I wonder if any of you tried to install this to your W212? How did you do it? I have only heard positive reviews about these so I will give it try but I don't want to start...
  3. 4

    w211 2003 reverse camera install!!!

    Hi all. I want to install reverse camera in my car.It has big screen nav dvd.What do I need ????
  4. hamantjakhu

    W205 BlackVue PowerMagic Pro Hardwire Install

    How to: Hardwire Install for a BlackVue 2 channel (front & rear dash cam) with Power Magic Pro in a Mercedes C Class W205 Time taken: 1 hour being conservative, maximum will be 2 hours Tools required: BlackVue dash-cam kit Power Magic Pro Kit Trim removal tool (one comes with the BlackVue...
  5. bconnelly

    Amp activation - Android install.

    I have replaced my NTG1 head unit with an Android 5.1 system. I also bought the MOST fibre optic adaptor to avoid the need for a new 6M loom to the boot and use the factory Becker AGW. I've connected everything up as instructed but not getting any audio. Can anyone tell me if the AGW requires a...
  6. Alfie

    Special deal on NTG 2.5 comand install

    We are offering two special deals at present; We are offering NTG 2.5 comand with integrated changer installed into a W169 A class, W245 B class or 2007 - 2011 Vito/viano for £1200 inc VAT. Also, NTG 2.5 single disk comand installed into W164 ML, X164 GL or R251 R class for £1150 inc VAT. Car...
  7. Audio Addict

    Sub Install?

    What's the easiest way of installing a sub in a 2008 C63? (Don't say get someone else to do it lol) Does command have line outs for amps, if they have how do you get to them?
  8. Gollom

    Help with audio install

    I have been given a multimedia system (complete with cables and SatNav antenna) which if possible I would like to install in SuzyCute's R171 (currently has the standard Audi 20) and use steering wheel controls etc. Of course, I'd much rather install full blown COMAND etc. but our budget...
  9. M

    PSS10 Install on 507

    Thought I'd share the install on the 507. Wanted to improve the pretty decent handling for some more focused track duty (Ring trackday at the start of July is next on the calendar). After MUCH deliberation I went with the PSS10's as they're monotube and Intermotiv can get them revalved and...
  10. J

    Blackvue DR650GW Dashcam + Power Magic Pro Install question

    Deliberated over which Dashcam to get for a while and eventually decided the Blackvue looks best, so picked one up last week. I'm going to install it this weekend, and the power magic pro just piggy back's on to a couple of fuses in the box. I've found an installation guide online for a new C...
  11. toffee-pie

    Rear camera install - mods

    Guys If i get these 2 items, can i get rear camera functionality on my cl55? also could I put a mp3 player or such onto it ? Really need one of these. Car Rear View Reverse Reversing Camera Kit Backup EU License Number Plate Cam | eBay Mercedes Video Adapter Comand 2.0 CL CLK CE GM ML S...
  12. toffee-pie

    Rear camera install...

    Guys, I asked this before, is there any links for cameras I can purchase and potentially install - DIY-able? My car is currently at a MB specialist getting prepared, I was thinking of getting them to install one. I don't really want to tamper with it myself as it was like new inside.
  13. dotmikes

    How to: Clk w208 230k bose install ?

    hi there, isit possible to install the bose system into my clk 230k 2001 ? if so... what do i need to change or do ? Thanks, Mike
  14. A

    rear view camera install advice

    Purchased the following rear view camera Can anyone please advise which colour wires and where they are located that I need to tap into, in order to power the camera and for it to only activate when I select reverse I have purchase an...
  15. S

    DIY to remove and install ABC pump

    I am writing this DIY as I don’t find the instructions in WIS to be very informative. It describes how I replaced my own ABC pump after my local dealer wanted to charge over $8k for the job, due to an occasional red ABC Drive Carefully warning on my dashboard, and me needing to re-prime my pump...
  16. A

    aux cable install

    Hi I have purchased an aux cable with quadlock connector, I need to remove the audio 20 unit to fit the aux cable does anyone know how I can do this clk w209 2007 year cheers
  17. Jonnivickers

    Sat nav install price.

    Can anyone give me a rough price on how much it would cost to have sat nav/ DVD installed in my W204.
  18. A

    Clk350 - quad AMG wanting to install

    Hi all, Clk350 cab and I as looking to get an AMG style quad system put in. I took to a very reputable bespoke exhaust builders and hey said they couldn't do it due to the spare wheel - the CLK's that have (63 etc) don't have the spare wheel so they fit properly. Some companies like CKS...
  19. K

    R320 cks performance grille install how?

    Title wrong sl 02-07 r230 Bought new grille R230 SL Black Single Slat grille all models without Distronic R230 SL Black Single Slat grille all models without Distronic [WE-G0129-A1-BK-NON] - £115.95 : CKS Performance Two hours and i could not fit. Hands ripped the shreads. Old one just slid...
  20. Lee C63

    Aquamist HFS4 Install on Stage 2 S/C C63

    Just had a Water / meth system fitted to the C63….main reason for this was to help control IAT (even though I have a Killer chiller installed). I opted for the HFS 4 Aquamist kit which will allow me to have the ECU map finely tuned and may give a slight increase in power (due to the Meth raising...
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