1. doo01

    Dash cam installation

    Hi Can anyone recommend an installer for a dash cam in the Bromley area thats not Halfords? Many thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. cws196

    MB Diesel Injector installation Grease 50G A001989425110

    Mercedes-Benz CDI Engines Injector Grease 50G tub - A001989425110 Un-opened - RRP is approx. £20 This is grease to use when re-installing diesel injectors. I have several tubs available - £12 posted. Please email me at:
  3. C

    Review of C63 Headers - Moments After Installation

    I finally went through with installing IPE Headers with Sports Cats on my C63 after a few years of stock ownership. I'm totally in tune with the car and a thirst developed for more so I figured "why not". So, the headline you are probably expecting is OMG, must-have mod but, what I'd say to...
  4. Gollom

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth Handsfree **INCLUDES INSTALLATION**

    Fiscon Pro Handsfree Bluetooth for Mercedes - NTG1/NTG2/Audio20/APS50 audio systems (37564) Version 2 These are selling for up to £380 on Ebay for just the device - I am offering it for £299 and this even includes professional installation & coding by Alfie at Comand Totally seamless...
  5. J

    Illuminated star installation permanent 2nd gen

    Hi all! So ive ordered some parts from mercteil for an illuminated star and wiring.. that will be permanently on while driving.. i live in the london fyi.. I have the e250 coupe cdi pre face lift, can anyone confirm the part numbers? Has anyone fit one of these on? I would appreciate...
  6. B

    (A176) Navigation installation - command unit replacement

    Hi All, I am writing in connection with lack of a navigation in my car. I have a A176 model from 2013 and unfortunayely there is no navigation system. I would like to know if I buy a newer command unit with navigation system and replace my current old command unit which does not have...
  7. M

    Multi safer for dash cam installation

    Hi folks, anyone any experience of the multi safer battery voltage protection module for use with a dash cam installation? Or even if they can be purchased easily in this country. They seem to be preferred over the power magic pro. Any installers have any comments to make, either way...
  8. pufimix

    Installation of cruise control

    Hello from Bulgaria! :) I ts250td manual gearbox. Recently became interested if you can rig cruise control. I connector with 8 pins to lock. I tried one lever Batch number 208 545 01 24, but did not. No reaction from the lever. In this site - Ìîäåëü VIN on my car out a few part numbers for the...
  9. I

    Parrot Bluetooth Installation

    I have a 2005 W203 with the factory Audio 20 head unit, I am looking to install a Parrot MKi9200 bluetooth kit but have a few questions. - I have read guides on how to remove the head unit which look ok, but is there enough space behind there for the additional wiring and especially the Parrot...
  10. A

    W212 reverse camera installation

    Hi all just bought a reversing camera kit from Mercedes dealer for £276 to fit in 2014 Mercedes E Class the parts included in the kit are as below BOOT TRIM: A2129054305 CAMERA: A0008201203 CABLE with Fakra Connecter: PART NO A2124407434 CABLE: PART NO A2124405240 LOOKS THE SAME AS ONES...
  11. ACID

    C63 AMG Ice Tank Installation

    C63 AMG in with us @ MSL Performance for an installation of Weistec Engineering Ice Tank!
  12. J

    Questions on Head Gasket installation (1999 SLK 200)

    First, thanks for having me on your forum. I'm a Yank, working in Sicily, Italy, driving a MB! (Go figure!) I've already got the head removed without issue. I found the head gasket leaking at the back of the head, no codes, no water in the oil and no signs of steam/water in the exhaust. The...
  13. B

    NTG2.5 (MF2830) installation into a CL203 - compatibile?

    Hi all, Had my very first mercedes for about a week now. C180K CL203 05 plate. Impulsive buy. I was looking at changing my 11th old citroen xsara 1.4 next year anyway, but saw the merc for sale and had to bring forward my plans! Love the car, great to drive. However, just...
  14. F

    Dealer warranty affected by installation of Cat 5 device?

    Hello everyone, Would like to get your thoughts on whether Mercedes Benz could at some point cause issues with the warranty of my brand new car if I went and go a Tatcham Cat 5 security device installed. I am considering getting a Scorpion Track 5 device fitted by one of their approved...
  15. O

    w201 190e 2.0 A/C Installation

    Hi guys, I have 91 mercedes 190e 2.0 automatic without a/c and planning to add aircon feature to my benz. I've bought -almost- complete set of a/c parts including engine cables, evop, compressor and dash related switches etc. I have only one thing missing which is cable harness for...
  16. S

    W168 Aftremarket Head Unit & Speaker Installation

    Hi guys, I'm attempting to install an aftermarket Pioneer head unit and Pioneer speakers in the front and rear of my 2001 W168 A190. Can anyone confirm what adapters etc I need to have in advance of attempting the installation? I have found a set of front and rear speaker ring adapters...
  17. Screwdriver

    Audio Installation Specialists (for W123)

    Greetings! I purchased a JVC AVX 77 single din stereo and wanted to install it in my W123 Benz. The clean buttonless look preserves the 80s interior while allowing me modern technological connections. Sadly, I don't know much about wiring etc. and was hoping to get it installed without...
  18. aquanaut

    Quaife Installation Magazine Article

    Interesting article in latest Mercedes enthusiast (June issue) featuring a quaife LSD installation at Birds. Features a step by step guide on it being fitted to a C63.
  19. J

    Installation of Electric Radiator Fan

    Hello friends I am new to this forum and belongs to rural area of Pakistan. Friends, I have bought a Mercedes 190D w201 1987. Due to lack of mechanics and parts It is very hard to handle such a nice car. Presently I am getting heatup problem with my engine due to fan installed in my car with...
  20. K

    W123 DAB installation: "A" pillar inner trim

    Hi, Could anyone please advise on how to remove the inner A pillar trim? I've searched the site to no avail and am trying to avoid any damage which will only bug the hell out of me later when it doesn't re-attach properly...I suspect clips are involved but their precise location would be a...
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