1. Doc matt

    Auto watch Ghost installed (Midlands)

    Finally had the Autowatch Ghost installed to my car yesterday. Read about it here:cool: In a nutshell, it's a very good immobiliser (a bit like the old Clifford blackjack) but instead of pressing the blackjack button you simply press buttons anywhere on the car to disable it. So you enter...
  2. Dannyallen89

    So I had my spoiler installed today

    I'm not 100% satisfied with the job that had been done so needs taken off again! Cleaned and re positioned but must wait until its in for the respray to get it done now as I have no time.
  3. D

    W212 - anyone with dashcam installed?

    Hi All I'm looking into purchasing a dashcam for my W212 (previous car was written off due to a accident and footage would have helped), has anyone installed themselves or had someone install? I was thinking of utilising the 12v cig socket in the glove compartment but i'm not sure if i'll be...
  4. d w124

    John Bake's car with its trusty alarm installed

  5. A

    Adaptation reset after smaller pulley installed e55

    Hi I don't know if I post this in a right place ,but anyone know how to reset adaptation without sd by pulling a fuses ?
  6. T

    Driving Assistant Package Installed?

    Hi all, I am writing this on behalf of my father as the interweb is a tad beyond him. I am trying to help him out, I am in CA USA and he lives in Shropshire UK. He has a 2015 C class Estate which he think should have the DAP or Lane assist etc installed as he has 2 cameras either side of the...
  7. gIzzE

    Installed a Dabmotion Rola....

    I installed a Dabmotion Rola to the older C320 I bought which had no DAB. DABmotion ROLA in-car wireless digital radio interface I have to say it is a cracking bit of kit, it works by finding an FM frequency that has nothing in it, and automatically changes if you move to an area where...
  8. TheFoX

    How many people here have installed a dashcam?

    Before Christmas 2014, I was involved in quite a serious car crash after I collided with a vehicle pulling out from a side road. Although I had a dashcam installed in the C class, I was driving my mother's SportKA. Thankfully, there were enough witnesses to uphold my version of events. Still...
  9. daniemj

    EGT gauge installed Mercedes W163

    I have installed a VDO Viewline Onyx 1650F EGT gauge in my Mercedes W163 270cdi ML.
  10. Grovsie31

    Carbon Fibre Gear Knob with AMG emblem pics installed.

    Hey guys, just fitted my new gear knob to my W203 C55, assume this would fit all other auto W203's as well. Install was pretty easy. Lift up the surround, undue the clip at the bottom of the shaft 1/4 of a turn and the knob lifts straight off. New one on, and then just remove the gaitor and fit...
  11. ChrisA

    iPE Valve-tronic exhaust installed today

    A great day, long time coming, for me up at Stan's Auto services in South Shields with the installation of the iPE System designed usually for Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, C63's and a few other exotic cars. This meant a little jiggery pokery with cutting and welding to make it fit my car but the...
  12. D

    can somebody tell what engine is installed in this w129 300 sl

    the chassis no is WDB1290602F045501 owner claim it is 24v although the badge at boot is ordinary 300 sl not the 300 sl 24v pls can somebody confirm as he is not prepared to email pics of engine top!!:wallbash: better still full blown instruction how we can do a self search
  13. Stratman

    M3 average speed cameras being installed

    While driving home the other day I noticed the yellow poles for average speed cameras being installed on the M3 between the M25 and Sunbury. There were also signs saying "Cameras not in use". Just a heads up, although it'll probably result in heads-down driving ;)
  14. C

    E220 2005 Side Mirror indication failure warning. Installed new but no luck. HELP

    :dk: Hello there. I have a w211 e220 2005. The passenger side mirror's indicator failed. i had a warning message saying LEFT SIDE INDICATOR FAIL etc. The indicator was broke, glass was cracked so i went to mercedes and got new LED indicator same as the original one installed...
  15. imranrz

    W221 new tail ligts installed but not properly working

    Hi I bought original new shape tail lights of W221 2010 model & installed in my w221 2007 after connecting with the original connector only half of the break light working please advise how to fix it ???
  16. K

    Just installed reversing camera (wireless)

    I used various links for info but paid £12 for the camera £12 for the wireless video link and £5 for the fakra cable.
  17. P

    NTG 2.5 just been installed W211

    Ive just had my APS 50 upgraded to an NTG 2.5 and an iPod integration kit using a company called OEM Retrofits in West Yorkshire. However there are a few issues which they were unable to sort. Although the Bluetooth phone does work and the steering wheel controls work, I am unable to view...
  18. biturbo

    anyone installed b6 bilstein dampers.

    Anyone installed the b6 dampers from bilstein on their mercedes. Did it alter the ride in any way? I have H&R springs and the standard factory dampers but they need changining. Just wondered whether to go B4 bilstein or b6 sport bilstein. in the states on the forum they said the b6 was terrible...
  19. B

    Just installed iPod kit and have no volume!!

    Hello, I've just fitted an iPod kit to my 2007 W245 B Class with Audio 20 head unit. I followed the guides on how to do everything. The iPod shows Mercedes on the screen and it appears on the dash cluster and I can see songs etc but I can't hear anything. If I set the stereo to max volume...
  20. J

    Blackvue DR380G-HD installed!

    These cameras seem to be more mainstream now and a recent "incident" I had the other month pushed me into getting one. As I approached some lights, the road branches out to two lanes although only enough room for 2 vehicles in the right hand lane. The lights were on red but as there were 3...
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