1. Alfie

    Comand installs in Ireland/Eire

    We are looking to travel back to Dublin soon to visit a valued customer again. If there are any Eire members here who would be interested in having some work done then, could they please get in touch. I know in the past we have had some members ask if we could go to Eire and now we are going to!
  2. Alfie

    W203 COMAND installs

    Just thought I'd let all those who are interested know, that I am now able to offer COMAND installs on W203 C (PreFacelift) vehicles at very reasonable rates. Star cluster programming can be arranged also. I cannot offer this fitting/programming service on other vehicles yet but I know a man who...
  3. mercmanuk

    command installs spotted on wbay he does command installs and parking censors,he also fits most aftermarket parts to mercs any opinions
  4. mercmanuk

    mp3 hard drive installs

    has anyone fitted one of the many mp3 hard drive units that connect to the oem stereo .there are so many to choose from not sure which one to pick.i'm after keeping the inside looking standard and hiding any units and controlers out of site. cheers mercmanuk
  5. MBenzNL

    comand installs in the UK

    I will be attending the UK gtg in August and already have several comand installs planned in the London area during that same weekend prior to the gtg. If anyone here with a W203, W208, W209 or W210 is seriously interested in getting a comand installed as well, feel free to mail me at...
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