1. Palfrem

    Tired instruments on W463

    I have just taken delivery of a 1994 Jap import W463 (photos soon) and the instruments are in a very poor condition (and with odo reading in Kph) How easy is it to just swap it out for something like this and then altering the mileage to the original kilometre value please? MERECEDES BEN |...
  2. W

    dashboard instruments freezing up on e class w211

    on my e270cdi, 2004 the dashboard instruments freeze up every now and then. The rev counter, clock, speedo, indicators all freeze up and get stuck in the position they last were in. Then after a short while the clock starts resetting it self and everything comes back alive again. Has any body...
  3. M

    2010 clocks (instruments)

    Hello, I am trying to replace my Vito 2008 clocks with some 2010 clocks, the 2008 have an M push button which cylcles through servicing, can change time and date sort of thing. The 2010 clocks have an oil symbol and if I try to cycle through like on the 2008 clocks it doesn't. I have tried...
  4. 320 CLK

    w208 instruments

    Hi. I was going to fix the pixels on my clk 320 w208 2001. So I go the ribbons and decided while I was at it I would fit blue leds. So I started with the leds first before ripping the cluster apart. If fitted all the bulbs and only a couple worked so sticking my hand in the back I wiggled then...
  5. S

    Minor instruments 'not working'

    Hi New Member joined yesterday, I purchased an E-240 Estate (2001) on Saturday and took my first drive to work this morning. Car drives very well and soooooooooo quiet ! All electrics are working with the exception of the Outside Temperature display and the clock. They are working to an extent...
  6. D

    Checking fuel tank level without instruments

    How can i manually check how much fuel in the tank if the gauges arent working? :confused:
  7. nigel cross

    WW2 aircraft instruments

    Clearing out Dads garage and there are loads of ww2 mostly Lanc instruments, dials and odds and sods. Where is the best place to sell them part from Ebay?
  8. V

    dreaded Vito 638 Cluster Instruments problems

    I've got the dreaded Vito 638 Cluster Instruments problems speedo on & off flashing etc until it gave up on me & stopped working so sent it off for repair to one of these cluster repair companys its come back with a working lcd lots of mileage missing off the clock & the speedo does not...
  9. StMarks

    Vito 638 Instruments mystery

    I have a 2001 Vito 110cdi. I was driving out of town last night, at around 40mph when my interior light came on and the instruments went out. By "went out" I mean the rev' gauge & speedometer stopped where they were, the odometer LCD's went out, the temp gauge & fuel gauge dropped to nothing &...
  10. A

    Lost Instruments and wipers

    I have a C240 Elegance 2001. Yesterday when driving the instrument cluster went completely and also the wipers are no longer working. I have checked the fuses, which are ok. Does anybody please have any suggestions as to what has happened before I book the car in to a garage?
  11. T

    Strange noises from behind instruments on dashboard

    Hi guys only when my cl has been parked up in the garage for a few days AND when its been very cold overnight does a load of strange whirring and buzzing noises come from behind the instrument binnacle on the dashboard when I start up. The noises stop after about 3-4 minutes and then all is...
  12. M

    380 SEC 1985- Need new clock and dial instruments

    Hi there, my uncle has a Mercedes 380 SEC and basically the dials for the clock and speedometer are not working. I am not sure if there is a way to get a second hand cockpit to help resolve this. At the moment, the parts arent available. Can someone help me in what is the best way to obtain...
  13. humbley

    Loss of Instruments

    Help ! today my E55 Estate W210 has lost all instruments inc the climate control panel , clock works but no gear selected , the outside temp and the mileage reading has the last one before it packed up and the radio works . Have checked all the fuses Thanks Humbley
  14. G

    Dashboard / Instruments again

    Thanks to those who responded to my query last week but I would like some further advice. On my 2000 W202 C280, most of the dashboard warning lights will light up momentarily on turning the ignition key to pos.2 and then extinguish prior to starting the engine. I understand these lights should...
  15. Mactech

    Vito Instruments

    I have a problem with my Vito instrument cluster that scores about 8/10 on the wierdometer! A few weeks ago I started getting what looked like power downs on the instruments, it was cyclic and the they got less as the van warmed up or the engine had been running longer. Then a few days ago no...
  16. D

    instruments in the dark

    Hello Just discovered the dash instruments on my 123 series are non illuminated, bulbs and fuses are all good, any suggestions? thanks
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