1. Adeinfrance

    W124 coupe underbonnet insulation

    Hi. Does anybody know if you can still buy the under bonnet insulation for the above? Just taken the car cover off, opened the bonnet and the insulation looks like it's decayed above the fuse box area, either that or the mice have got in. The rest of it looks fine.
  2. optimusprime

    Bonnet Mercedes W124 insulation info

    As above .Just about to order a new insulation cover for the bonnet . Can the aftermarket insulation part equal Mercedes ? Has anyone done there car bonnet ?. .And if so what insulation did you use? [who from ] And if you have replaced it,, what adesive did you used to fit it ..I need to...
  3. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    just ordered a new hood insulation mat as mine is getting flakey from the SL shop. Looked on YouTube looks straight forward is it a age related as the cars 20 years old. Other than a service by my local Indy should be another happy year of ownership as the last mot went with no advisory notes...
  4. P

    W124 Bonnet Insulation - Brand New MB Original Part

    Brand new Mercedes Benz W124 bonnet insulation. Purchased to replace an original insulator tarnished by a power steering pump leak but never fitted. Shipped from Stuttgart and still in unopened, original packaging. I purchased a recommended adhesive at the time but this has now...
  5. 6

    Boot lid insulation

    Hi all Should my boot lid have any soundproofing/deadening material on it? As it sounds so "tinny" when closing it? Is the bonnet insulation any good or would it benefit from an upgrade? Thanks 600d
  6. I

    Fitting a bonnet insulation pad...

    As above. I need a new pad fitting in my 129. Question is, who's best to do this. I'm not sure how it's done. Eg, is the bonnet taken off to do the job or is it done in situ. Depending how the job should be done, I'm wondering if it would be better (and maybe cheaper?) getting a detailer...
  7. horatio

    Glue for bonnet insulation

    Ordered a new under-bonnet insulation sheet from wunderpartz. Do I need a special adhesive for this or is there something I can buy off the shelf from somewhere like Wickes or Halfords to do the job? Cheers!
  8. C

    W124 Bonnet Insulation

    Hello I know that this has been posted before but the links no longer work. I've got a w124 with an M102 engine and the under bonnent insulation is flaking off and making a real mess of the engine bay. What are my options I've heard replacement are available from the dealer for around £70...
  9. I

    Under bonnet sound insulation

    I guess the piece that was on my car disintegrated many moons ago! There is one seller on eBay doing a new replacement but at £80 delivered I was wondering if they are available anywhere else? Alternatively could I just buy the material and cut to shape?
  10. mercmanuk

    rockwool type insulation

    3 rolls of rockwool type insulation free from manchester area its in the way
  11. E

    W169 Under bonnet sound deadening/ insulation?

    Hello I have a W169 A class facelift A180 CDi. I'm wondering if anyone has installed any sound deadening/ insulation under the bonnet. I did ring up the dealers to see if it was meant to have any, but they said no. No A-Classes have any. it looks like there's space to install some. - Any...
  12. D

    R129 SL500 bonnet insulation

    hi has anyone got a R129 SL. im after the insulation inside the bonnet. please need one asap thank you
  13. culpano

    How can I improve sound insulation on a polycarb conservatory roof ?

    Hi all, Any ideas how I can reasonably easily further soundproof my conservatory polycarb roof ? I enjoy listening to the rain on it but I am concerned about the noise we emit from the conservatory with music. We don't play the music very loud but the neighbours mentioned they can hear it...
  14. Danny DeVito

    Pipe Insulation

    Does anybody think it would be safe to wrap heating pipes in the car with normal pipe insulation used for central heating, or thermal tape or something like that. just to try keep the heat in them. Thanks
  15. bennesspipers

    W210 under-bonnet sound insulation mat

    Any ideas where i can get an under-bonnet sound insulation mat from without paying dealer price,new or good secondhand ? W210 1996
  16. 230K

    Replacing sound insulation on sump cover of 124 Diesel

    Hi Has anyone renewed the sound insulation on the noise encapsulation of a 124 Diesel. Seem to remember a post somewhere about someone using camping mat or whatever but cant find it. Has anyone done it and been successful?? Thanks, 230K
  17. bassist

    Bonnet Insulation Mat

    Hi. Can anybody recommend a suitable adhesive for fixing a new bonnet insulation mat on my R129.:dk: It's taken ages to get the old mat off and I don't trust Evo Stick as I think it may be too flammable. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. EDZ649

    R129 Under bonnet Insulation

    Common problem on 129's. This is a bargain, costs £75 from MB :) New Mercedes SL 500 R129 under bonnet insulation. on eBay (end time 10-Dec-09 19:41:34 GMT)
  19. E

    Wall Insulation

    I am about to start some renovations. The house is circa 1860, stone walls, interior wall linings are a mix of plasterboard on studs and some lath and plaster on batons fixed to wedges knocked into the stone wall. 1. I will remove the plasterboard/lath and plaster and insulate the cavity (30mm...
  20. B

    W124 Bonnet insulation, (sound deadening)

    There was a thread a few weeks ago concerning replacing the bonnet insulation on a W124........I have searched but I cannot find it. I need to replace the insulation on my 300CE..which is crumbling Can anyone point me to the thread? Cheers
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