1. C

    Who do you insure you ** amg with?

    As above sorting my insurance out for my E63 im collecting later today, who do people normally insure with? My M4 was with ESure but they are quoting silly high for this, at the moment Go Skippy seem the cheapest, are there any indendants worth a go? I'm an old codger at 37 with 15yrs ncd and...
  2. S

    The best way to insure my daughter whilst she's learning

    I hope there are some people with experience on here who can help. The first of my kids is now at driving age and has started lessons. I am going to but something like a 10 year old VW Golf with a manual gearbox which I and her mum can use to give her lessons in too. I just spoke to...
  3. Grovsie31

    Any advice for trying to to insure a modified C55

    Hi all. Looking to do a quote on Benzedup's old C55, with the mods on it, are there any companies I should be trying? I used sky, chris knott, and Adrian flux in the past with my Type R's, but I always had 1 years NCB on those cars. At the mo im just using compare sites, and there...
  4. The _Don

    Insurance companies refuse to insure Range Rovers after spate of thefts
  5. mymini007

    Top 10 Most expensive cars to insure

    A lot of MBs here Expensive Cars To Insure - Top 10 Most Expensive Cars at
  6. J

    Anyone used insure the box ?

    Just had a great quote fully comp from them, 6000 or 8000 miles, they stick a small box on your car to show millage then you top up if doing more than you say, not ideal for if your doing loads of miles, but for me on prov license seems it will work well for me. Anyone have experiences with them?
  7. dvb247

    Can 1 buy, drive & insure this RR Sport CAT B?

    RANGE ROVER SPORT 09 DAMAGED,REPAIRED | eBay Have read a bit on CAT B and therefore I know the simply answer, but like most things there does seem to be a way round this with DVLA, any ideas? New VIC check possibly? maybe a re-shell then VIC check? Cheap car if it's possible!:eek:
  8. Tan

    Cheapest? way to insure an occasional use car

    Hi What is the cheapest way to insure a car that is used on rare occasions? We are looking at a cheap way to insure my Dad's S-class, it covers less than 3k per year. Thanks Tan
  9. Mike Walker

    Insure your car or...

    Was very early but thought I heard a news item on radio this morning - letters being issued shortly to drivers confirming that cars in garages / driveways etc must either be insured or have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) otherwise £100 fine. Failure to comply is likely to involve car...
  10. EDZ649

    Insure yourself incase you lose your licence

    Well I've seen it all now... LicenceGuard - Getting you from A to B couldn't be easier
  11. BTB 500

    How to insure a vehicle for a month only?

    For various complicated reasons it looks like I'm going to have to overlap my new Vito Dualiner and old VW Sharan for maybe a month. Unfortunately the insurance on the Sharan expires just before the Vito is due to arrive. So the plan is to use the NCD from the VW on the Vito's new policy, and...
  12. 420SE

    Who do you insure your MB with?

    Insurance quotre is up for renewal soon. :crazy: I did look at Norwich Union direct on recommendations, but they are quoting me silly, as opposed to quoting me happy ;) Churchill are good and so are More Than, except with them, if I would like to put some AMG alloys onto the car at a...
  13. Satch

    Bogus motor insurance company: H&O Insure Limited

    LONDON (Citywire) - The Financial Services Authority is warning consumers about a company called 'H&O Insure Limited' which it believes is offering invalid motor insurance policies to the general public. "Policies issued under this name have come to light in the Birmingham area, but the...
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