1. Y8cel

    2013 C Class int mirror

    Can somebody please confirm that there are two illuminated down lighters in the base of the interior mirror only the one on the drivers side is working on my car? Thanks
  2. martyp87

    ViseeO MBU-3000 & Int. LED Issues

    So I purchased the ViseeO MBU-3000 quite a while a go now and to be honest have only used it in anger the past two weeks where it has failed rather miserably. The manual suggested using Software B on my 6310i kit which whilst it worked all I could do is reject calls via COMAND/steering wheel...
  3. 300CE

    Mercedes E220 Cabriolet 1995 metallic black with grey leather int. - BIN £3.5k

    needs a couple of quid spending on it as problem with roof, but low mileage and nice spec for a 220: Mercedes E220 Cabriolet 1995 regd metallic black with grey leather interior | eBay
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Int Internet great?

    Just dropped Mrs D and her yummy-mummy friends off to see Take That at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, and I've now got to wait until 11.30 for them to come out again and chauffeur them home. I found a McDonalds restaurant just down the road with free Wi-Fi. Quarter-with in the tum, laptop out...
  5. SilverSaloon

    Indicators (+ int wiper & rear screen) stop working when stationary randomly

    Hi 1994 W124 estate when i am stopped at a junction, indicating (any direction) the indicators have started to stop flashing (and remain off). When this happens i also cannot work the rear screen demister (light comes on and goes off straight away on the button), and the intermittent...
  6. K

    Early 126 Int

    I have a 1984 380SE with a chocolate brown interior,the only way I can describe the fabric is outside of the seats is Velour the center is a sort of checkered material (not like the checkered fabric found in the 116 or the 123),when I get a pic I'll post it,I'm after the two front seat...
  7. jpskiller

    W124 Drivers Door Int. Lock Mechanism

    Unfortunatly due to lock being broken and having to remove for new, I have inadvertantly bent the inside mechanism a bit, I Walker has had a play but now the remote fob wont lock/unlock the car, the key will. Also the window stopped working at the same time??? any ideas so all in all I am...

    int link,, some nice parts,, esp the g/lever converter,, only $20.00,,
  9. jaymanek

    After 123 Leather Int

    I have been after a black leather interior for my 123 saloon. If you have anything, please do let me know. I am at Thanks
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