1. Bobby Dazzler

    Model specific RVM integrated OBD dashcams from Kammu

    Catchy title, eh? I can't believe I've not come across these before, but this website sells dashcams which integrate into the rear view mirror housing using a dedicated plastic moulding to replace the original trim. Interestingly it takes power from the OBD port, not just vehicle data...
  2. V

    Fuel filter integrated heating sensor

    Hey guys,will be replacing the fuel filter on my W204 C220 cdi, do you guys just change the filter and transfer over the integrated heating sensor from your old filter. Or is it best just to buy the filter with a new sensor already attached?
  3. gr1nch

    The first car with integrated dashcams?

    It struck me today that with the increasing number of cars with reversing cameras, that dashcam support is not yet a factory-fitted option. Or are there models that provide it already Of course the better position is forward facing, so that dashcam could be added, housed in the rear view...
  4. R

    NTG4.5 integrated DAB aftermarket system

    Hi in2digi have now launched their fully integrated (i.e use it via the head unit's DAB controls as shown in the car's manual) for NTG4.5 cars. See The NTG4.5 car's head unit needs to have a fibre optic connection, which means it needs...
  5. E

    New Owner - Help me get my phone/music integrated

    Hi there everyone. Brand new member here, and I'm hoping you can help. I just picked up a W204, and I'm super happy with it. My only gripe is how the radio/music setup works with my phone. Here's what I'd like: I'd love for my phone to connect via Bluetooth (which it does now), but...
  6. Red C220

    Integrated kitchen appliance advice please.

    I know there are one or two people in this industry on the forum and was hoping for a bit of impartial advice. We're having a new kitchen which is a complete redesign after some building work and we're wanting to fit integrated appliances. Bar a slim line dishwasher this isn't something we've...
  7. Alfie

    New integrated Media centre for W164 ML

    Alpine are launching a new integrated Media centre system designed specifically for the W164 ML. Its a lovely looking unit. You can see it here; Alpine - M-Class W164 Bj. 2006-2011 They are having a big product launch this Saturday between 9 - 5 at MB World Brooklands in the Napier suite...
  8. S

    A call for anyone with integrated child seats in an E Class

    Has anyone got these? What sort of space is left in the middle seat once.. umm.. erected? I'm seriously considering an E-Class, but I'm really struggling to fit my 3 children into one. I've had a demo car for the past 4 days, and this weekend I really struggled. Children are aged: 7...
  9. Oldskoolflash

    Integrated child seats

    So i've just put our two ISOFIX child seats in the back of our new C Class estate (2009). Only to find out that the space left between the seats is smaller than in my Golf....! This is quite a bummer... Does anyone know if you can retro fit the Integrated MB child seats, does it involve...
  10. M

    Retrofit rear seat with integrated child seat?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to retrofit the rear seat with integrated child seat in a W204? Is it as easy as finding the rear seat bench and just swapping them over or is there more to it? I'm guessing the cost may be prohibitive.....
  11. R

    integrated DAB for NTG1/NTG2 now ready !

    Hi All Most know we've been working on getting an integrated DAB solution for NTG1/NTG2 COMAND systems, and thank you to the 2 forum members who have beta-tested it :-) Well, its now ready. Launch date is 1st October, but obviously we have some units already. The car needs to have...
  12. S

    Integrated android and BT music

    What do you guys think of this? MOST USB iPod iPhone Samsung Droid Car adapter for Mercedes Benz 05-08 #MBO-MST3 610074996828 | eBay Manual: Seems to integrate bluetooth audio fully with the audio control system. As far as I can tell the only thing it...
  13. R

    Dishwasher! Fully integrated, slimline (45cm or 50cm)

    Hi, I'm after a fully integrated working slimline dishwasher. Thanks, R
  14. U

    W208 door mirrors with integrated indicators -

    Has anyone got a pair (L & R) of W208 complete door mirrors..? The one with integrated indicators -
  15. W

    Padded table for integrated booster seat

    I just saw this in an old brochure for a w210, but there's no diagram or photo. Has anybody seen one? The part number is B6 687 0000.
  16. R

    What to do?? How much does a COMAND cost? or is there a cheaper aftermarket solution?

    Really stuck on what to do with my Tape/CD Player. I have a 1999 CLK230k W208, facelift version. I like the original Merc look, I likle the wheel controls working, I like the radio station coming up on the main dash display. If I get an aftermarket headunit, I can use MP3 CD's, iPods...
  17. M

    W211 Comand with integrated Bluetooth???

    Hi guys, I recently bought E320 with Comand with integrated Bluetooth but I cant handle it :( Can anyone help me? Here are the pics of Comand:
  18. S

    Can DAB be integrated into COMAND?

    Had the MB iPod kit fitted to the E55 when I bought it from the dealer, and wondered if there's a DAB kit that can be added too?
  19. R

    Integrated TomTom

    This looks a jolly good idea: - wonder if it'll catch on with Audi / BMW / MB? :rolleyes:
  20. D

    Fitting integrated phone etc

    Hi, I just bought a W211 (E270 CDI - 2004) and I'm not sure if there is any wiring for a hands free phone kit. Can anyone advise me what to check for? The car has the telephone symbols on the steering wheel and the buttons at the side of the radio display screen. Also, it seems from my...
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