1. A

    Upgrading Audio 20 Btooth to Mercedes OEM DVD satnav system. not integrating.

    Hi I've purchased one of the alpine s900r rebadged "mercedes media center" style headunits (B6 788 5167) , it is great, but i have no steering controls, the unit has additional OEM MB boxes wired in the back, which look like lots of the other stalk adapters i have fitted before. can anyone...
  2. DSM10000

    Integrating a 'phone into a W203

    Any advice on how to integrate, preferably by Bluetooth a 'phone into a 2003 W203? There are no connectors in the armrest, ideally I would like to connect my' phone (usually a Blackberry) so I can use the telephone controls on the steering wheel.
  3. J

    Integrating XDA or similar gadgets with Mercedes COMAND APS

    Hi, I want to replace my old Palm Vx and my Nokia 6310i with one of the new waves of XDA II or alike. The problem is that the Nokia 6310i integrates well with the Navi COMAND APS of my E270 CDI. I wonder if Mercedes (or someone else) has developed the cradle and make the COMAND software...
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