1. D

    Parrot Integration

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Got my first MB just over a year ago, a 2005 W203 C220 CDI. I love it! My question is about Parrot handsfree/bluetooth kits. I've seen quite a few threads on Parrot systems but none of them seem to answer my query, which is odd as I would have...
  2. Z

    New C Class iPhone integration

    Hey guys, first post! I've just taken delivery of a new S205 C Class estate which I absolutely love. I've only had it a few days but one thing is bugging me; I don't seem to be able to skip tracks on an iOS device plugged into the armrest? I currently have my old iPhone 4S filled with music...
  3. S

    Help with command integration

    Hi, Im new to the forum so firstly hi and thanks in advance for any advice given Im looking at integrating some electronics into my 2003 s320 cdi with command. I have in the car already Soundlinx MER04VID Alpine TUE T152 I would like to add: Digital tv Iphone 4S integration...
  4. sspeed

    Parrot integration with cars speakers ?

    Hi everyone.. Hopefully this isn't a pointless question as its about I car I don't actually have access to ! In theory I have a late 2006 CLK320 Cdi The previous owner fitted a Parrot CK3100LCD hands free blue tooth job. It connects with my Samsung phone without issue.. The sound of the phone...
  5. D

    Parrot integration

    quick one. I have a parrot ck3000 kit to go in my 52 plate class. Ebay is selling this one though Mercedes C Class Parrot Steering Interface Kit CTPPAR004 for CK3000 | eBay which apparently allows the parrot to integrate with the merc controls. anyone done it? any good?
  6. Duckula

    IPOD integration with 2005 E320 CDI (Audio 20)

    Good afternoon, This is my first post so please bear with me. I have recently purchased a 55 plate E320 CDI that has an Audio 20 head unit, the CD slot is underneath the screen. The car is fitted with Fiscon Bluetooth for hands free phone use and I can use my iPhone 5C with no problems. I...
  7. M

    C209 iPhone Integration Options

    I'm in the process of buying a 2005 CLK 320 (C209) and wondered what the best options were for hands free calls and also playing music through the Audio 20 CD player? To complicate matters the car has the MB Phone Kit installed so I could buy the latest BT interface (B6 788 0000) but that...
  8. andavaka

    Nokia CW-7K Comand 2.0 integration

    Hi guys, Is it possible at all for me to connect a Nokia CE-7K Bluetooth kit to my Comand 2.0 and use the steering control to answer calls?
  9. S

    W169 "Full" iPhone integration

    Hi, I'm looking for an iPhone integration for my A Class W169. I believe it is a basic Audio20 with no extras (no Comand sat nav or CD changer). I've read lots of posts and kit details but I wanted to confirm what I'm thinking here before I splash out the cash. So this is what I want to...
  10. E

    Price for retrofitting iPod Integration

    Evening all, I've had a price from Mercedes to fit the iPod kit in my w169 Facelift 2009 A-Class £375 including VAT and fitting? Is that a good price or not? How hard would it be fitting it myself? Thanks
  11. D

    W245 ipod integration

    Hi folks. My wife's 2005 B 180cdi does not appear to have any aux input that I can find. Is there a way to get ipod compatibility without rebuilding the world? Many thanks.
  12. N

    CLC Audio 20 bluetooth & Ipod integration

    Hi everyone, I am in need of some advice from some one with a good knowledge of the mercedes audio systems. I want to have my Apple I phone linked via bluetooth into my car and use the controls on the steering wheel with the phone book showing on the centre cluster. I also want to be able...
  13. A

    Are Ipod's / iPhones banned on the 2012 B Class ?

    Hi folks, i am hoping for some advice ( or clarification if i am bing a numpty :doh: :) Our car is a new 2012 Mercedes B200 D delivered July 2012. The vehicle is fitted with the new Media Interface. It was unable to recognise our existing iPod Touch ( 4 gb gen 2) , or iPhone 16Gb 4S, and...
  14. wars

    iPhone Integration on Comand NTG2

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone had seen this and if so is it real? 'This video shows how our Application EASYCAR and its companion accessory allow to full integrate iPhone features inside the Mercedes COMAND APS Head Unit' iPhone Integration on Mercedes Head Unit - YouTube I love...
  15. Sport Edition

    W203 iPod

    Hello, I own a 2005 C220, it currently has Audio 20 and I'm looking to install the iPod Integration Kit. I have read many posts about this kit and have a good understanding of what it entails, my only problem is that there are many different part numbers contained with the posts from as...
  16. DSM10000

    Bluetooth and ipod integration. Anyone bought and fitted one yet?

    I know this item has been mentioned elsewhereon the forum but I was wondering if anyone has bought one and more importantly fitted one as yet? Parts for Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes C Class '01-'07 Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Kit & iPod Intergration If this works as it claims it would be extremely...
  17. T

    Shop where Ipod Integration Kit can be installed

    Goodday All, I would like to find out where i can get the Ipod Integration Kit installed professionally in the clk [ 06 CLK 220 CDI w209. Audio 20 Single Cd ] Anywhere in london should be fine but would prefer East London. Thanks in Advance :)
  18. G

    Iphone integration into Comand 2.0

    Hi All, Just wanted to say - I have managed it with parts: Car Audio & Security: Car Stereo, Speakers & Subwoofers, Car DVD Players, GPS and CD Changers Plugged into the aux connector on my Comand 2.0. and into one of these for video: Interface Adapter Mercedes Comand 2.0 and APS2 on eBay...
  19. M

    W203 55 Plate ipod integration Kit

    Just call the stealers for a part code & price for the kit B67824558 - ipod inter kit and B67824501 - ipod cradle Total £ 253 including VAT Plus fitting 580 including VAT :eek::crazy: Advise please where to get it cheaper and fitted My Location - Nottingham & Oxford
  20. franey

    Shipping calculator software integration.

    I am nearing the end of the website construction but need some kind of shipping calculator that integrates and automatically calculates the weight and thus the shipping cost of the goods purchased. Anyone with any knowledge please? Thanx
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