1. M

    Apple MacBook Air 13.3 (June,2013) Intel Core i5 1.3GHz, 128GB SSD, 4GB

    For sale is my Apple MacBook Air 2013 model (Mid 2013 June) 13" model This model is: 13.3" Screen 128GB SSD Storage 4GB RAM QWERTY (UK) British Keyboard This laptop is in clean with minimal signs of use. It's very clean with a perfect keyboard and trackpad. No wear or shine on...
  2. Felstmiester

    Intel light question

    Mines got it ( 58 plate ) I've searched Google but the nearest thing I've found is that facelifts with this option dip headlights. Also read that you have to have the stalk pushed forward to enable this. I've gone into cluster and switched on Intel lights but I'm sure mine didn't auto dip. It...
  3. M

    HP Pavilion 14 Sleekbook Laptop Intel Core i3-3227U 1.9GHz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD

    Brand New - Boxed and Sealed (Unwanted) Model Number: B110SA Color : Black Processor Type Core i3 Processor Speed 1900 MHz RAM Size 4096 MB DDR3 Hard Drive Size 750 GB Wireless N Windows 8 / 8.1 Any questions feel free to ask... Cash on Collection from London or +£10-15 for...
  4. J

    Apple iMac 1.83ghz intel core duo 2gb 320gb

    Selling my trusty Apple imac (White plastic 2006 intel model) due to moving over to a portable mac. specs are as title (had memory and hard drive upgraded from standard) X1600 Ati Radeon graphics card isight video camera gigabit ethernet wifi (airport extreme 802.11g) Superdrive (DVD...
  5. J

    Calling Intel Processor expert

    Is the new i3 core equivalent to Celeron or is it the i5 core? Is the i5 or i7 equivalent to Pentium Duo Core? Thanks.
  6. Ade B

    AMD vs Intel

    Assistant wants a new laptop. Scanning through threads on here we've narrowed the brands down She wants to cart it about a lot and has a desk top for big screen stuff so looking at 15". Battery life not critical as she'll be able to plug it in most places she uses it. Budget £500 ish, needs...
  7. glojo

    Intel Core2Qad QX9650 12MB cache 1333Mhz Bus

    My son has the latest spec computer and is having problems. He has listed the Intel Core2 Quad with four 1Gb strips of RAM. This is what he has stated: I have tested kits separately and cannot get either pair to run at full speed of 1600Mhz and also cannot run all 4 @ 1333Mhz I can only...
  8. scotth_uk

    Hell has frozen over: Apple are moving to Intel CPUs

    Well.... Hell has indeed frozen over today. Apple have annouced that they are unhappy with the roadmap for the PowerPC line of CPUs and will be switching to Intel shortly with transition complete in 2007. It is unlikely that the machines will be pc compatible, however they will be using...
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