1. SPX

    My List Of AMG's That I Intend To Own In 2013

    I've put the C43 up for sale to kick start my attempt at owning as many AMG's as possible next year which are; W203 C32 W203 C55 and/or W208 CLK55 and/or W210 E55 and/or W163 ML55 W211 E55K and/or W219 CLS55k I'll try and squeeze in a '63 of some variety, but I might be pushing it...
  2. R

    Need a DA/Random Orbit Sander - for sanding, and then intend to use for polishing??

    Hi, So I'm intending to do a bit of rust work, and will need a DA / Random Ordbit sand to grind out the rust on my wheel arches. I then, in the future, hope to use the same machine for polishing... Is there any product that you would recommend? To be honest i would like to keep it up £60...
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