1. Campoos90

    Help with Warranty needed

    Hello everyone Last weekend I went to carry the service of my w204 in the MB dealership and they found that the turbo intercooler pipe was completely blown up. The AA warranty said that they two things. 1. They do not cover pipes or hoses... 2. IMPORTANT*** ' The dealer cancelled the...
  2. FateSynchro

    E63 5.5, Intercooler and Oil Cooler help???

    Right, So im running a nice tune from msl that takes her to over 700bhp... the problem is with any prolonged use the oil temps and intake temps do start to get up. So to address this is there anything off the shelf that can be used? or would i have to go down the custom route? I want to...
  3. M

    Mercedes w204 cdi 220 intercooler pipe

    Hi there im new to this forum. I need some help i have a split in my intercooler pipe on the the passenger side and now my car has gone into and getting codes p2279 and p2463. Its the pipe in the picture below i wanted to know which pipe i need to replace it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. S

    Intercooler upgrade Vito w639

    Has any one upgraded the intercooler on a vito? Is there anything to be had in terms of performance and/or reliability? Spent a long time searching this but couldn't come up with any kind of answer Currently got a Vito w639 109cdi remapped to 168hp and planning to put some kind of high...
  5. B

    w211 Intercooler leak(?) or something else?

    I took my 2008 E280cdi for regular service yesterday. Tech noticed oil seepage/stains on the left side of the intercooler -- around the junction/seam between the plastic inlet part and the aluminum core of the intercooler. They said it must be leaking at there. I hadn't noticed anything...
  6. ftb

    Intercooler pump: Bosch 10 or what?

    What's the verdict on this please? My I/C pump appears dead. Where is the best place to buy and is Bosch 10 better than competition? Thanks.
  7. BIG_G_1979

    W211 oem intercooler

    W211 oem intercooler for sale very good condition as pictured 80 pounds
  8. merc85

    Mercedes e55k Intercooler Pipe size?

    Hi, Does anyone know what the internal bore size is of the rubber pipes that connect to the side of the heat/exchanger/Intercooler unit??
  9. merc85

    e55k Intercooler?

    Out of interest, is there a better Intercooler which is direct fit over the standard unit for the e55k? If so how much roughly are they?:D
  10. BIG_G_1979

    W211 e280 cdi sport oem intercooler

    Hi guys selling my oem intercooler from my w211 e280 cdi sport looking 75 plus postage part number a2115001102 please pm me if interested
  11. J

    E55K Intercooler pump replacement

    Hi I know this has probably been covered in the past, but I just wanted to give the benefit of my recent experience. I have a 2005 S211 E55 supercharged estate bought almost a year ago with 80,000 miles and full MB service history. It has basically been running fine, but a while ago I...
  12. RyanMuller

    Disconnecting intercooler pump

    Hi all, Driving the c32 to the garage to get a new charge cooler fitted. As the current one is leaking and I need to drive the car 60 miles to get to the garage, should I un plug the pump and clamp the tube down to the pump? Would the rest of the system work ok? Any thoughts welcome Ryan
  13. Oldskoolflash

    2009 S204 (Estate) Offside boost (intercooler) pipe relacement

    Hi, Has anyone done this, and can advise on how easy a job it is or has anyone come across any videos online? I am being quoted £400 for MB to change it (which sounds extortionate). Also, is it just an air pipe or does it contain oil, the technician said mine is leaking oil...? I would be...
  14. RyanMuller

    C32 W203 Bosch Intercooler Pump, Intercooler & Pulley

    Hello all, I recently upgraded some parts for the C32 and have the originals left over in perfect working condition. Would anybody be interested in these parts? Was hoping on £100 for the lot but open to offers. The intercooler pump alone is only 6 months old and cost £120 new. I also...
  15. merc85

    How to get a Rad or intercooler looking clean?

    Following on from my Project thread, whats the best way to get a radiator or intercooler looking new again? Ive de flied it but not sure how to clean it, this it below any ideas?:dk:
  16. astamir

    W211 320cdi sign of oil in intercooler

    Hi guys Was under the car for servicing few days ago And noticed an oil leaking from the pipes on both sides of the intercooler. Does anyone know what it can be? Is it a sign of bad turbo? Thanks in advance
  17. rk100

    Intercooler Pump

    Hello guys I am getting the intercooler pump replaced in my W215 CL. I got the updated pump 0 392 022010 and the guy fitting it said that on the pump he is taking out there is a small outlet connecting to a pipe - and on the new one there is a nipple to connect the small pipe but the nipple...
  18. rk100

    Intercooler Pump Issue

    Hello all I am getting the intercooler pump replaced in my W215 CL. I got the updated pump 0 392 022010 and the guy fitting it said that on the pump he is taking out there is a small outlet connecting to a pipe - and on the new one there is a nipple to connect the small pipe but the nipple...
  19. K

    Wanted front W211 E55 front heat exchange intercooler

    Anyone have a oem or aftermarket front heat exchange intercooler. Mine is bent. Regards.
  20. D

    Intercooler upgrades

    Hi all, After replacing/upgrading the intercooler on my 270CDI, I've read that they're not particularly efficient anyway and as I'll be running more boost eventually it can't be a bad thing. Has anyone upgraded theirs or are there any aftermarket ones available off the shelf? Also when I...
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