1. W

    S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

    Hi guys, I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest. My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside...
  2. M

    Anyone interested E63 AMG + performance Pack.

    Right.... Lizzie is potentially up for sale if the right amount is offered OIRO £32,000 She has just covered 50,000miles and will slowly go up, I got her with 19,500 miles on the clock December 2015. I have done mostly motorway miles and never anticipated doing so many miles ! I had her...
  3. Grovsie31

    Anyone with a C55 SLK55 stock steering wheel interested in this?
  4. addbuyer

    E63 MPG if your interested

    So ive just got back from the annual pilgrimage and as always ive recorded every drop of fuel used. The car was loaded, and i do mean loaded. Large roof box plus two bikes up top and i would estimate it was carrying the weight equivalent to 6+ adults :crazy: Once we were at our destination...
  5. R

    GTs collection - dealership gripe - interested in JBD view

    I fully appreciate that the below may well make me look like a pompous tw@ so move on if you think so ! Nonetheless it's really peed me off so I thought I'd document it. Almost exactly a year ago I submitted an order for an AMG Gts. Throughout that wait the experience has been mixed, a very...
  6. merc85

    BMW Car Dealership, Not interested??

    My wife and i have/are looking into a change of Vehicle and have viewed quite a few different makes and models of vehicles. I simply cannot get over how badly the BMW salesman came over towards me and my wife. I've viewed Brands from Nissan, Vauxhall, Mazda, Kia Mercedes & BMW Believe...
  7. ScottBacon

    Anyone interested in a quaife LSD

    Straight swap plus money my way of course :D
  8. CreosoteChris

    560SEC Parts Car (Surrey) Apparently Free to Interested MBClub Reader

    Posting here to give this post some exposure Note - I am not connected in any way with the vehicle or OP, just thinking that 560SEC owners may not have spotted the original post with original title in original location Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 104k...
  9. carat 3.6

    Any photography experts interested in this?

    Helping a friend clear out his parents house, and we found this in the loft. Thought I'd see if anyone here is interested in it before it goes to ebay?
  10. developer

    Anyone Interested In A Guitar Thread?

    Like the watch thread, but with strings, not hands. I picked this beauty up yesterday, for my lad. Fender USA Stratocaster Deluxe 2009. It came from a retired guy who drew his money out of the banks when the crash happened, and started investing in USA made Stratocasters. This was the only...
  11. Willsco

    Soft, indoor covers - anyone interested in trying to get a bit of volume discount?

    Hi all I have just put my indoor/outdoor cover up for sale on EBay - I'm looking to replace it with a good quality, soft indoor only variety - maybe something like this...
  12. swannymere

    Hit and run - Police not interested.

    A friends son's car was sideswiped by another car last Friday evening, he managed to get the other car's registration and the make; a 2013 Kia of some sort or other. The other driver stopped for a pause and then drove away, my friends son phoned the police who told him it wasn't a police...
  13. developer

    Anyone interested in buildings/architecture?

    I thought this was impressive. It's the new Bournville college on the site of the former Rover site at Longbridge. A bold design, with cruise liner similarities. There's a huge full height glass area on the right hand side front, but it's not a good photo. Unfortunately the large...
  14. D

    MB Club Tax Disk holder - vote here if you're interested

    I wounded how many people would be interested in a MB Club tax disk holder to go with the window sticker?? I want one... Who else is up for one? Scott
  15. Borys

    Anyone interested in my truck?

    Would like to boost my mortgage deposit funds. Quick sale 7K 2002 Dodge Ram in white single cab with 67K on the clock More info PM me
  16. Jukie

    Old Sky+ box - anyone interested? P&P only.

    It's an Amstrad box, 5-6 years old, maybe. Hard drive is on the way out mind so would need replacing. Remote control still intact and working. Only cost would be P&P unless you wish to collect. PM if interested.
  17. R

    Another Vmax day R U interested

    I have been talking to a few of the guys who attended our little Vmax gathering in March. Now I am not organising a full MB forum day, I simply do not have the time, but if there is certain quantity of people interested, I am quite happy to reapproach Craig, and ask to weather he could fit us in...
  18. Palmer

    Would anyone be interested? W202 C250 TD Sport

    Would anyone be interested if i chose to sell this? Quick list: 123k Full service history Last service + all new brakes and pads were @ 120k New inlet seals New front wings (waxoyled back) De-badged rear (not in photo) Sport trim(white dials etc) Pulls really well on full chat!
  19. maxg

    Interested in a CL55 AMG

    I am interested in trading in my cl600 for a CL55 AMG. Is there any thing to note that could be a worry and worth looking at. Thanks
  20. developer

    Anbody interested in Yoga?

    Anybody interested in Yoga? I wasn't, until now...........:cool:
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