1. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve

    Interesting classic

    Look at this on eBay 1974 Mercedes-Benz 240D W114 / W115 | eBay
  3. J

    Interesting Mercedes-Benz Public Archive

    I found this MB site and thought others here may be interested too. Apologies if you aready know about it ;)
  4. 219

    RIP Princess Diana

    "A truly British girl" Lest she be forgotten . 20 years ago today . Shame on her "husband" . And may her memory live forever in the hearts of her sons and her subjects .
  5. Crazyfool

    Interesting ptoblem.

    Any ideas?
  6. poormansporsche

    S202 C280 - Interesting Colour

    1999 MERCEDES C280 SPORT AUTO GREY I really like this, not bad spec, shame the miles a bit high for me :)
  7. poormansporsche

    Wanted interesting S202/W202 - where have they all gone ? Discuss !

    Alright good people. I know the answer, they have all been scrapped due to rust. But I've noticed in the last 6 months the amount available has gone down substantially and there is literally bugger all out there. Anyway if anyone is considering selling, preferably a nice wagon or at a push...
  8. Tim203

    Interesting car.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section or indeed there is already a thread but couldn't make the search engine work for me so please mods move/ delete as appropriate . Lastly apologies for anyone's privacy I might have invaded snapping these pictures but thought they were worth sharing...
  9. MB-SL500

    Barn find 350 SL... Interesting!

    Wonder how much this will go for???
  10. ringway

    Ever found anything interesting in a used car you have bought?

    A pair of spectacles in my 211. A small handy tool set, a scarf and something like Demon Shine in my 430. A Neil Diamond CD in my Vito. A tame offering, I know, so has anyone ever found anything more interesting or valuable?
  11. JimGreen

    Interesting AMG.......

    I was just browsing through my old Photobucket Album and found some pictures I took of an interesting car I spotted and took pictures off about five years ago. The car was on the A3 northbound in a service station just before the M25 turn off. Thought somebody may know it's history, there...
  12. T

    Recent Trip to France - Interesting Observations

    Earlier in the week we did a quick trip to Disneyland Paris (2 nights/3 days) As we were having visitors and we were 8 of us we had to take two cars (wife's B180/W246 and my 911/997 C2 ) Driving was nd most cost effective way of going and in terms of time taken was comparable door to door with...
  13. gunning

    Wanted: something interesting for under £7,000

    I'm after something interesting for under £7,000 as car for myself and my wench to run around in. Doesn't matter how big an engine as she's used to driving my RRS. I've looked at cls500's and I'd quite fancy one of those. Maybe a high spec 320 cdi? Anything else considered whether it's a big...
  14. poormansporsche

    F/S Interesting AMG / W202 etc parts clearout

    Alright good peoples, C43 Back Box adapted for 4/6 Cylinder - £100 C36 Rear Bumper Skin (No Chrome) - £25 C36 Jacking Point covers (green i think?) 1 good £15 1 not so good £10 C36 / C43 Arch Spats complete - £100 C36 AMG Drivers side brake cooling pipe - £15 Complete W202 Facelift Sport...
  15. poormansporsche

    F/S Interesting Wheels Clearout x 3

    Set of Replica Carlsson CR3/11 / Hartage wheels Fronts 18 x 8" ET 30ish Rears 18 x 9" ET 30ish Pretty good nick no corrosion just some curbing on all 4 wheels, mega dish on rear. Good quality reps not cheap $hite Comes with appropriate M12 bolts and spigots but as aftermarket I do...
  16. aquanaut

    Interesting story / App

    Find out what your MOT DOESN'T tell you: How one woman's costly car problems inspired her to help others discover their car's real history | Daily Mail Online
  17. michaelk3289

    interesting w210 estate

    mercedes 240E 7 seater auto estate | eBay
  18. N

    How to drive the C63 Amg - found an interesting video...

    Hi everyone, Just found this video on youtube, not sure if you have ever seen it, but i just watched it and did like what they did to appeal c63 drivers... Great engine sound with good twisted roads...
  19. billywhiz

    Interesting E36 W210

    Some rather rare options fitted too. Sunblind, folding mirrors, Bose system and suspension upgrade. Don't see too many of these > 1996 MERCEDES E36 AUTO SILVER | eBay
  20. D

    Interesting article about online comments

    Is it the beginning of the end for online comments? Is it the beginning of the end for online comments? - BBC News Judging by some of the bile I've seen posted on YT, I wouldn't be surprised if they were next.
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