1. D

    W219 MOST interface, please help.

    Can anyone confirm, will this: XTRONS Optical Fiber Decoder Box for Mercedes-Benz CL / CLS / E / S / SL / SLK Series | allow me to fit and aftermarket head unit while retaining the use of the current fibre optic amp? Currently have a Comand NTG1. Or do I need something...
  2. C

    Aux/Media Interface

    Good morning all, I was hoping someone could help me. I have a 2011 Mercedes E class and the 16 pin cable I have connects my phone for calls etc but doesn't work for music. The screen says Device not compatible. I was wondering if anyone could advise me of a connector or any other component...
  3. X

    W204 C63 Ipod / Iphone interface

    Guys i've done a bit of searching but needing a bit of clarification. I have a 2008 W204 C63 and i'm wanting an Ipod / Iphone interface for it as unfortunately it did not come with it. I was looking at the below kit, is this plug and play and genuine MB? No tapping into + / switched + ect...
  4. ckember

    comand ntg4. 5 and media interface problem

    i have a 2013 cls with the ntg 4.5 comand online. I have two strange problems. 1) when powering up a large 2 is displayed in the top right hand corner for a few seconds. 2) when I connect any device , ipod classic, nano, and iPhone 6 or 6plus using b the media interface cable, and the apple 30...
  5. garycat

    Media Interface Kit not recognised

    I purchased a 2014 C204 C Class coupe a couple of weeks ago and it came with this kit ...which plugs into a socket in the centre console, but none of the adaptors are recognised. Is there something I need to do to enable it? I've checked my car has option 518 (media interface) so it...
  6. G

    Retrofit media interface - iPod

    Another day, another problem/question. So, my B-Class W246 (2012) doesn't seem to have the media interface installed. The only audio connections to the Audio 20 stereo is either via Bluetooth streaming, USB drive or good old 3.5mm connector in the arm rest. I did want to control my...
  7. S

    Mercedes Benz iPod Interface Kit CLK (and others) B67824204

    Hi all, I've got the iPod Interface kit which I purchased for my CLK and removed when I sold the car. I owned it from new, and can't remember the exact price I paid but it was a helluva lot I think circa £200. I'm open to offers, but I was hoping for about £100. This is the full kit...
  8. D

    Media interface

    Right, ordered the lead from Comand Online to link my iPod via Bluetooth. Lead came today, plugged it in and no blue light as per instructions. Now I either have a dud unit or my media interface isn't powering the unit. Is there a fuse for the media interface? When I select media the screen just...
  9. J

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier A204 870 3994

    Mercedes iPod interface amplifier part number A204 870 3994. Used for a short while but no longer needed. Works perfectly. I used this in my w211 that had an iPod interface fitted in glovebox. The iPod sounded quieter than other sources and this amplifier boosts sound level inline with no...
  10. Norte23

    iPod interface query

    Spoke to the dealers today about supplying me with an iPod interface kit for my car. Tried to get a part number off him but he was very sheepish about giving anything away. If I bought the module elsewhere like on eBay would the dealer be the only way to code it? & there are so many different...
  11. russwagg

    Media Interface leads

    Set of 3 from a 2010 C Class, probably fits several. Item numberA 001 827 93 04 Ipod, USB, DIN leads that plug into the glove box. Any interest?
  12. S

    Apple interface leads x3

    Hey folks, Have amassed these through buying various merc's and no longer need them There are 3 for sale and have the following part numbers A0018278404 A0028272104 A0038270204 Looking for 22.50 delivered (each) Thanks Steve
  13. R

    Temperamental iPod touch with Comand/Media interface

    I just upgraded my iPod nano to an iPod touch simply because I have subscribed to Apple Music. The iPod touch will play maybe about 3 albums, If im lucky, before getting "device not connected " or something like "device not recognised" I never had any problems using the iPod nano, despite...
  14. C

    Media Interface Consumer Cable

    Is there any difference between a standard apple ipod classic 30 pin to USB and the Mercedes item? Media Interface consumer cable, iPod® Entertainment for C-Class Saloon W205 (03/14- ) I have a 2014 W205 with Audio 20 and every now and then it loses the alphabetical search function, I...
  15. mykaitch

    Ipods artwork and crap mb interface

    Hi. Some of you may have followed my odd posts since I bought my C180 3 years ago. Never one to give up I have finally solved the problem of missing artwork -- and it was in front of my eyes the whole time. So, use a USB stick and you get all the artwork. Read it in and then use the ipod and you...
  16. gIzzE

    Part No's for NTG2.5 Media Interface Cables needed for installing?

    I have an NTG2.5, I would like to add the Media Interface as I have just been given one, however...none of the cables, just the interface itself. So just wondering if anyone knows the part numbers I needed and a rough idea of costs? I guess I need the harness from NTG2.5 to Media...
  17. D

    iPhone and media interface

    Hi all new to the site hope somebody knows the answer to why the media interface keeps telling me my iPhone is connected. It happens every 3 seconds and cuts the radio out. I drive the 2010 220 CDI coupe and I absolutely love it. Problems started last night when I received a call and couldn't...
  18. alzieboy

    Media Interface & Windows Phone

    Has anybody got a Windows phone connected to their MI and got the functions working, I can connect my Lumia 640 via BT and it works well. My old iPhone 4 which is now faulty connected no problem with the MI . Have googled and have come up with that Windows phones do not support MTP !!, now I am...
  19. C

    iPhone 6 with media interface

    Yes as per subject line I am trying to connect my iPhone 6 as a media player via the interface , I have a connector in glovebox including 30 pin to lightning adaptor on other end. 2010 model car. It's infuriating. My mini is able to connect but not my c63. Is there a software update or do I have...
  20. T

    Mercedes Media Interface cable for modern iPod, iPhone 5> etc

    Like Reflexboy, I bought this Apple Accelerator to Mercedes Media Interface cable thinking it would work in my 2011 build car. It works for charging only, but for the more recent cars I presume it does everything. These are £50-£60 from Mercedes or via ebay. I'll add the part number once...
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