1. S

    Radio Interferance

    I have a e320 which is just fantastic - though a little old being a 52 place I am getting interferance on the radio when the engine starts to pull Above a certain rate of acceleration it disappears I guess there is some surpessor which is failing. Can anyone help me solve the...
  2. R

    radio interferance

    im getting interferance on my radio when moving (it stops as soon as the car is stationery) .it crackles and its not engine related as it does it with ignition off.the car is aw211 with audio 20 .any ideas as its driving me mad
  3. SilverSaloon

    car engine rev interferance with radio

    hi as u may have read HERE i have just fitted a dvd player to my car that goes via comand. the video signal and audio L and R signals are sent via phono cable to the comand. When driving the revs of the car go thru the speakers as a high pitched whine. Could this be due to the...
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