1. T

    Intermittent Radio interference. W211

    Some times it's fine, sometimes there is a lot of crackling. It doesn't seem to be related to where I'm driving and it only crackles on the radio and not the cd. Any ideas?
  2. T

    W639 Vito radio interference

    A quickie - When I plug anything f into the 12v plug the radio audio fills with 'static'. Doesn't do this with any other input. Is this poor earthing? Cheers! Mike
  3. C

    Speed related radio interference on MW

    I understand that MW radio is lower quality than FM but yesterday when trying to listen to the Euros I noticed a distinct pulsing interference. It's definitely ground speed related and not engine speed related. I haven't noticed this before and was wondering if anyone had come across this...
  4. 91dm

    W163 Headunit interference

    Hello, I'm just upgrading the headunit in my W163 to a Alpine double din unit. On very low volumes there is a 'hiss/buzz' of interference, however not of the engine note. The noise is present engine running or not. There was no noise at low volumes with the original unit. I've...
  5. D

    Phone interference

    I have a 2004 SL500 with a brand new ViseeO Bluetooth upgrade adaptor fitted. Reception quality of call in car is excellent, however call quality received by others is very poor, with lots of interference. Any ideas / suggestions please? Many thanks!
  6. A

    W204 Command Interference

    Evening Gents The title may be misleading but I get split second pauses when listening to music etc streamed via Bluetooth from iPhone 6. Have tried deleting and reconnecting etc etc. I haven't noticed the issue during voice calls. The pauses are almost like when a cd skips.They seem...
  7. S

    W221 Audio Interference Weird Problem

    Apologies for raising my head only when I have a problem - but I've never had anything useful to add to any other posts:dk: In every thread I could find even close to this - most refer to replacing the Linguatronic module but since I don't have Linguatronic that's hardly relevant. I'm loathe...
  8. Gollom

    Radio interference when rear screen on & poor traffic reception

    W211 with NTG1 When I put rear screen on it causes interference on any radio channel (this has only started happening fairly recently) Also, the unit has great difficulty "latching" on to traffic news so I wondered if the events connected? Any thoughts?
  9. M

    [W211] Interference / poor radio signal when ignition on

    I've noticed poor (i.e. worse than my previous car - a Mk3 Mondeo) radio reception on my W211 (58 reg, with original/NTG1 Audio 20) - lots of noise, and RDS often not retuning when moving between signal areas. Initially put it down to just being a bit worse, and in marginal reception area for...
  10. N

    Fixing Ground Interference on W169 - Where do I Start???

    Hi Guys, Whenever I have my phone plugged into the AuxIn and also charging from the 12V Socket, I have lots of interference. It changes pitch if you accelerate etc, and this seems to suggest that it is a ground issues possibly with the alternator. I have been told that I can buy moise...
  11. Gollom

    Radio interference when rear screen on

    Just lately this happens very occasionally, but not all the time. Anything obvious I should look for? NTG1 Thanks
  12. D

    SL500 W230 - radio interference

    Have a 2002 SL500 and as soon as I turn the ignition key the radio picks up some interference. It isn't the aircon fan or anything else I can hear. It is constant too and does not vary with speed. Does anyone know of a motor that runs as soon as the ignition is turned on. Many thanks ****
  13. H

    new aerial fitted to s124, but has interference

    Hi I've just had a complete Hirschmann aerial fitted to my s124 (highly recommend Car-Masts-UK) but there is crackling/interference with the signal on all radio bands. I'm about to send the supplier an e-mail, but was wondering if anyone on here would have an idea as to why it's happening...
  14. M

    C320 W203 Interference / crackling noise

    Hi all!! Tricky one this, that I've never come across before and has got me baffled........ Just picked up this car today, turned on the radio and getting sound out of what sounded like passenger speaker only. Then after 5 mins of driving, the passenger rear and drivers front start making...
  15. D

    Vito Audio 5 radio interference when i plug in phone charger in

    Hi All My Vito Audio 5 radio suffers interference when i plug in phone charger into the lighter socket. It starts off slowly then develops to a point where i cannot listen to the radio. I took it out today because i read that there might be a ground problem Lots of dust All that is...
  16. W

    Interference on cassette adapter for MP3

    I have an audio 10 unit with a cassete player. For some time, i've been using a cassette adapter to play music from an MP3 player. Since last year, i've progressed to playing music from my smart phone instead of an MP3 player. I have noticed that when the wire of the cassette adapter gets...
  17. paul73mt

    Rear camera interference

    Have just fitted a rear view camera to my w204 andon testing it pick the power up from the battery. Now it's all fitted went to wire in the supply. I fitted the ground to one of the main grounds where the rearfusebox is fitted and then was gonna 'piggy back ' off the rear light cluster for the...
  18. M

    How alarm can get disabled on e-class?

    I have this car since 2005. it is W211. I never had this problem before. I went to local shop and when i wanted to set the alarm - nothing happened. i tried few times. when i pressed 'open' button - it flashed once. however 'close' didnt work at all... once i came back home it worked as...
  19. Braincrank

    Radio interference

    I just bought a double USB charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter but when I use it I have interference when listening to the radio ? Not a big problem for me because I listen to cd/mp3 but the missus is not happy about it. Any ideas what might be the problem?
  20. A

    Radio interference

    This used to be an intermittant problem on my W168, but today it was constant and I was unable to use the radio.:( The interference is a very high pitch squeal that alters in response to engine revs. Is this a suppression fault (alternator?) or perhaps the aerial amplifier? All advice much...
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