1. M

    1991 W124 Coupe Interior Wood Trim Removal Tips

    I am looking to remove all of the wood trim to wrap it, some of it is showing it's age and I'm not a massive fan of the walnut. I have found some video on Youtube for the consul removal and door panel removal, so they should be fine but I need some advice on the wood on the dash and heater...
  2. h17n dj

    W126 Interior Carpet

    Hello all, As per the title, I am looking for the interior carpet for my W126 500 SEL. Anybody have one for sale or know of where one can be obtained? Thanks.
  3. J

    kids + seatbelt equals scratched door interior

    Hey All, My lovely kids bless them have now scratched the paint work 3 times on the rear doors when they slam them whilst the seatbelt is left dangling. See image at the bottom middle is the area i mean. Sick of it, and no amount of shouting at them seems to help. Any suggestions what...
  4. J

    W124 coupe blue interior wanted

    Hi I am after a blue leather interior for my '93 320 coupe. Needs to be in VG condition with no rips or heavy wear. Would consider grey also. Thanks Jay
  5. F

    W203 Late 2006 model - interior lights problem!

    Hey all! New to the site and thought I'd start off with a little niggle I have... my car is a '56 plate W203 C Class estate, the problem I'm having is that the interior lights don't come on when I open the drivers door - the lights work on all the other doors including the boot... it's just the...
  6. J

    W211 om642 exhaust smell interior

    When idling I can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin goes away with the recirc button and when moving. Checked the exhaust at the rear no leaks or soot deposits on the egr pipe, turbo to cat, manifold inlet pipes to turbo. It's quite choking! Changed the charcoal cabin filter and it blocked the...
  7. E

    HELP - R107 original interior door sticker

    Hi All I'm the proud owner of a beautiful gold SL380 convertible. Unfortunately my ridiculous Mercedes garage when MOT'ing the car took it upon themselves to remove a sticker from the inside of the door shut and replace it with a awful modern sticker advertising their garage telephone...
  8. tron

    Complete black s202 leather interior for sale

    Slight wear to driver's seat bolster. Estate, Sport model. Carpets and door cards £125, in Poole.
  9. AngryDog

    Decent interior LED kits for W211

    My E55 has has LED's installed but they keep flickering, so I think the bulbs are likely crap ones. Does anyone have any recommendations of decent kits? Thanks.
  10. K

    w116: Bono's cow-hide interior

    Bonos vintage 1980s Mercedes 450 Perhaps better described as an interior suggesting a field where a cow stood.
  11. A

    W202 black leather interior

    For sale black leather interior from amg mercedes complete with door cards. Rear seats have lumbers making them 2 seater complete with the head restraints.
  12. M

    Carbon Fibre interior trim replacement

    Where can I get replacement CF interior trim for my SL in the UK ? I am a bit bored of the standard white/ aluminium material currently there. Its mainly door trim and centre console bit that I would need.
  13. RickyBurrows

    Interior Trim Anyone Carbon Dipped Them?

    I want to change all the brownish gold weird color of the interior trim, doors, dash, centre consol all of it, I can have it stripped out and painted gloss black but I'm worried that it will scratch easy as it's black with clear coat so not really the best to keep immaculate I've heard of...
  14. martyz

    W/S202 blue interior inc blue doorcards

    As of title,interior for 202 facelift,good condition (drivers bolster wearing thin). All door cards in good condition,load cover(blue),carpets and other blue trim + carbon inserts,complete kit bar the long dash trim,offers...cheaper than your breaker.:thumb:
  15. tron

    S202 leather interior

    Preferably grey, including rear side bolsters and door cards. Cash waiting, distance no object.
  16. L

    VITO - Interior light / Alarm issue - Campervan

    Hi, Recently bought a 2004 Vito SWB. With the intention of using it as a van to sleep in, adding a bed in the back. I've come across 2 issues. 1 - If I lock the van from the inside, which I would like to do so I can sleep securely. Any movement sets the alarm off. 2 - The interior...
  17. G

    For SALE: A-class W169 Interior Parts

    Following a recent carbon fibre interior update, I have a few original parts for sale: 1. Steering wheel controls assembly - fits all W/C 169 - part number A1698207310 2. Front lower centre console, Avantgarde trim (matte "speckled" aluminium) - A1696802639 3. Rear top centre console...
  18. K

    C63 interior

    Due to car being stolen and damaged inside I am looking for a red interior for a saloon c63 I need doorcards and seats. Long shot I know but if you don't ask....... Thanks in advance Kiran
  19. 2

    2016 E-Class W213 Interior Mirror

    Hi, Does anyone who has a new E-Class have a rattle in the interior mirror. The garage say they have fixed the issue by replacing a 'bracket' they ordered from Germany but when you just tap the back of the mirror (very lightly) it sounds and vibrates like a very cheap bit of plastic which is...
  20. T

    Silver interior parts

    Hey guys I have a clk55 convertible and I was wondering how I remove the silver interior parts, is there a post anywhere for it? The bits I'm talking about are: The strips on the door cars and rear side panels, window switch surrounds, ash tray cover, below and above the stereo and gear...
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