1. T

    Intermitant starting issue, fuse/relay? 639

    My Vito is brill, but.... every so often it will crank but not fire. 20 minutes checking (remove/clean/refit) relays and after a wait it fires up. Now it seems to happen often after Ive put fuel in but that may be a red herring. This van starts first turn virtually everytime except for this...
  2. X

    Intermitant Satnav Screen

    Not sure what's going on but recently for some bizarre reason the Satnav screen keeps going blank. If I put the car into the the Park or neutral position it comes back on, it also comes back on when I press the accelerator. It's got to be some signal type problem but I don't know where to...
  3. P

    V220 intermitant noise?

    1999 V220 variouse probs? Hello everyone I am new to this forum so please forgive me if i go over stuff that may already be on here. When i start the V220 there is a noise from the osf of the engine area, after 10-15 seconds it goes off and at the same time...
  4. M

    W211 E270 cdi - intermitant jerk with gear change

    Hi all, I have had a problem for quite a while now, the car seems to jolt/jerk when changing into 2nd to 3rd gear. The car also seems to grumble when doing this .....the revs also sometimes surge while driving at a steady speed - not much maybe 100rpm. The above only happens every now and then...
  5. C

    New User, New Car, Comand Unit Cutting out

    Hi, I just purchased a (registered June '07) 2007 SL500. The COMAND unit has a complete mind of its own. It mostly stays off, but randomly switches on for between 5 secs and 2 mins - occasionally it functions fine for the 2 mins, but mostly it just toggles on and off randomly. The CD changer...
  6. M

    intermitant headlamp problem

    Hi all, looking for some help if possible with a problem i have on my 2002 W209 240. After driving for about 30 to 40 min the headlamps come on without being switched on and stay on even after trying to switch them off at the switch.It is only the headlamps and front side lamps that come on no...
  7. J

    e230 1997 indicators intermitant

    :wallbash: had my alternator recond as when i took of the cable of the back indicators worked this did not fix the fualt took it to a side st garage that do mercs he put a new alternator on said its fixed but when i pick it up said its stared happening again and he carnt find the fault , i got a...
  8. J

    E230 indicators intermitant 1997

    my indicators dont work thay come on sometimes when i put all the electrics on at the same time. checked fuses but not to sure on which relays to check read on auto dater there is a combi unit rh by windscreen but there are 4 units there any ideas? :confused:
  9. jaiscossie

    W203 Battery/alternator visit workshop intermitant...

    Hi, wonder if you can help me, i have a w203 c270 cdi saloon and over the last day or two i keep getting the error message come up.When i first drive the car it wont come up for 5mins or so then it will keep flashing up every 30seconds or so after that.I took the car to a local garage who said...
  10. A

    Intermitant fault; loss of speedo and ABS light on (2001 SLK)

    Hello gents, Any pointers on this one: I've just bought a 01/51 SLK230 manual and the speedometer will occasinally die along wih the oddometer, ABS light comes on. This occurs perhaps one in five times of switching the car on. Is the ABS sensor the most probable cause? Thanks, Alex.
  11. K

    Intermitant loss of power (newbie)

    Hi Forum - Drove up to Banbury today from Oxford and my "E" class 270cdi on 54 plate - 114 K miles was its usual reliable self cruising along at a steady 60mph. Hit a bit of traffic and t/lights when I noticed the engine would not rev over 3 and half rpm! - no kick down and very poor...
  12. Uncle Fester

    intermitant indicator fault on W203

    Ok, I did write a long and eloquent thread earlier, but the stupid webpage/site timed out and I lost it, Grrrrrrr. So needless to say I'm not gonna bother again! Anyone else had this fault, and what was your fix???
  13. Peter DLM

    I really wish my parking sensors weren't intermitant... I'd have been warned about that stupid 3ft tall steel post sticking out in the car par right in my blind spot as I was reversing back a bit. The damage looked bad at first glance, lamp lense gone, bumper hanging off... :wallbash::wallbash: I was just moving slightly to be helpful to...
  14. AndyPCD

    Intermitant non start

    Hi Guys Got a real pain of a job here. Got an 163 ml 320 with an intermitant non start and when i say intermitant i mean maybe once every 2 months. What happens if you go to start it it will crank fire up and cut out and you get start error on the dash. I have read the fault codes and i get...
  15. 1

    Intermitant starting problems

    I`m writing this hoping sombody can help as ive searched the posts to no avail. Ok here goes..... I have a problem with my 98 c class estate starting, the problem is slowly getting worse, when you turn the key the starter gives a quick turn and then stops, as it does this the rev counter jumps...
  16. M

    Very intermitant fault on CLK heater fan (W208)

    Hi guys, first post on here so go easy on me:) , I have a very intermitant fault on my CLK320 (W208) causing the heater blower not to run on any speed. It always happens when starting the car after being left & if I drive a few miles the fan will start all on it's own & then be fine for days &...
  17. R

    E300td intermitant fault

    1999 E300td, car runs fine for 99% of the time but every now and then on start up I get a small rumble of a missfire, when this happens the car then has no power. to drive, it feels as though only the first 20% of the throttle is working. The engine sounds fine but is down on power. It has never...
  18. badshot1uk

    124 300te 24v intermitant starting problem when warm?

    Im not sure if I have mentioned this amoung my gremlins but here goes. my 300te will start 1st time everytime from cold, but its hit and miss when its warm/hot. Sometimes it fires up, sometimes not, but i'll allways start 2nd time? The chap that services said its the ecu?--not sure...
  19. stwat

    Intermitant knocking/ticking coming from back end!!!!

    Oh dear...Today i noticed an intermitant knocking noise coming from the back end of my auto 190e. It stops when i lift of the gas and when i put it in reverse and then into drive again the noise stoped!!!!! The noise reminded me of a few cars ive had that needed new cv joints. Could this be the...
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