1. Oxonmb

    Intermittant caliper issue

    Hi Guys, I have an intermittant fault with my front right brake caliper, get out the car and can feel the brakes have been on a bit during a drive, no feeling in the car when driving but can smell the brakes have been on a bit. Only happened to my knowledge about 3 times in 3 months. Any...
  2. J

    W124 230CE intermittant starting problem

    Hi folks, New to the forum so bear with me! I have a 1991 W124 230CE, great car but has developed an intermittant starting problem, it spins, catchs, runs for a few seconds then dies, sometimes I can get it going again with patience and a good battery! Also happens when cold and hot. Somewhat...
  3. R

    C180 Heater Blower Intermittant Fault

    Hi to you all. This is my first post. I wonder if anyone can help with this. We have a 1996 c180 and the heater blower has been acting up of late. When the car is first started the blower works just fine. After just a few minutes the blower stops working, but (sometimes) comes back on...
  4. Dave Richardson

    Intermittant rev limiter kicking in

    Could some one suggest the problem & how to rectify. 1 The car was working well before I touched it I changed the oil & filters on my CL203 today, 5.5 ltrs of Shell Helix, Bosch fuel filter & Mann oil filter. I used a fuel filter which I 'd had on my shelf for a while & filled with...
  5. R

    R129 Intermittant heater

    Hi My heater did not come on yesterday morning. After 45mins it was working okay for the rest of the journey. I suspect a faulty valve somewhere any pointers?
  6. A

    Variable intermittant wipers

    Would be possible to retro-fit variable delay intermittant wipers to my W168? My old Fiesta had this back in the 80's..:rolleyes:
  7. T

    intermittant flickering of red light with down arrow

    My 1996 s500 has a ping/tick every 3.5 seconds from the instrument cluster. On ocassion a red idiot light just below and to the right of the speedometer flickers on for an instatn to 2 seconds. The light has a down pointing arrow. There is a louder ping when it illuminates. The owner's manual...
  8. mrelephant

    C220 intermittant starting problem

    My 2003 C220 Cdi has developed an intermittent starting problem - when this happens all the lights etc come on but turning the key produces nothing but silence. After a while (last time overnight) the car then starts normally. My Merc shop has checked the car and the Star diagnoses quick test...
  9. B

    Intermittant Sound Loss 02' C32

    Hi, I'm looking at a 2002 C32 Estate and the current owner has mentioned there's an intermittant loss of sound 'sometimes it works and then it won't'. Is there anything in particular I can look for to help resolve this? I know COMAND units are expensive and I wouldn't want to throw a lot of...
  10. C

    strange chirp/sqeaul sound from engine intermittant

    hi i have this problem on my w203 c200cdi, ive recently been experinsing this chirping niose from the engine when im driving it kicks in around 2000rpm then goes when i accellerate through , ive changed my belt , tensioner pully, idler pully, also new waterpump checked all pulleys for movement n...
  11. R

    W124 E320 Estate `94 *Intermittant cut out*

    :confused:Engine intermittant `cut out`. HELP. Not had the car long, my mechanic is stumped ? Starts and runs beautifully, then after stopping (at traffic lights / junction), just cuts out ?? Nothing obvious, checked all the forum threads, but can`t see one to match. Other days it wont do it...
  12. N

    2004 e320 cdi electronic problems, intermittant starting please help.

    Hi guys. I have just joined today after purchasing my 2004 e320 cdi advantguard 2 weeks ago. 4 days after i bought it, i started having a few electronic problems. I have had the car to a few mechanics around but there is no MB specialists in my area. I will try my best below to explain the cars...
  13. S

    Dsf brake intermittant squeal

    Well as the post name suggests. My right ear is suffering when I slow down lol. I just wondered if it would be a missing anti squeal pin, does the e220 have them? Or simply a case of the pads crying out for a smear of copperslip on the rears? I should really get the tools out and just...
  14. Timster

    Intermittant problem - S124 300td - your help and ideas please

    Afternoon all. After having the car off the road for 4 months doing a heap of work on it, it's now back in daily use. I've a problem when travelling at speeds above 60mph, or up hill. The engine "coughs" it feels like an intermittant fuel delivery problem. No issues when idling, or...
  15. R

    Intermittant cold starting problems - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, have recently got our W168 A160 LWB manual, but have now got some starting problems, i have searched on-line but cannot realy find any answers, so any help would be greatly appreciated before taking it to a garage. it stared very intermittant, turn the key and didn't even try turning just...
  16. roswaldo

    Intermittant UMI Satnav Problem

    My UMI Satynav has decided to work as and when it feels like it. It can be working fine and next thing I gat a balank screen and the unit can't see any satellites. It's still covered by warranty (less than 12 mnth since fitted at dealers) but it's an 80 mile round trip to the dealers. The...
  17. P

    can the intermittant rear wiper be slowed?

    I ask because on mine the rear wiper comes on too rapidly so that it wipes the window when there isn't that much water on it and starts squeaking (the back window doesn't get as wet as the front, obviously). Is there a timer somewhere?
  18. R

    W208 Conv intermittant roof problem

    My 2000 CLK 430 conv has recently developed a problem lifting the roof. This happens, I would guess, once in 5 'lifts' and each time the lift stops after the front of the roof has lifted about 2-3" away from the windscreen. The remedy appears simple, just push the front of the roof up...
  19. R

    1988 300TE intermittant heat

    Hi. I'm having problems with the heater on my 1988 300TE. Every once in a while there is no heat. The fan works fine. When there is no heat there is no power to the Aux water pump under the hood, often the 3 little LEDs on the recirculation, Air Conditioning, and Defrost buttons are on dim and...
  20. M

    W210 Blower Fan Intermittant

    The fan on my W210 is (as the title suggests) running intermittantly - mostly off. Any clues as to where I should start? The switch position makes no difference. Where can I access the fan motor from? Thanks Richard
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