1. reflexboy

    W204 Parking lights intermittantly on

    Evening-On my Dad's 2009, W204 the offside parking lights intermittently come on for a few seconds then go off. The headlamp switch is in the off position when this happens. I have wiggled the switch thinking is may be going bad but that seems to have no effect and I cannot replicate the...
  2. J

    Alarm going off intermittantly

    Anyone have any idea what this code means? I've scanned the car with my Snap On Solus scanner and this is what i'm getting. B1A3613 The glass breakage sensor has a malfunction.There is an open circuit. The alarm is going off intermittently, so I am unsure of the fault. Is this a code that...
  3. F

    C220 cdi losing power intermittantly

    Hi can anyone help, I have a w203 c220 cdi auto and it keeps losing power for a few seconds and then picks up again, I don't think its going in and out of limp mode as it won't rev at all when it loses the power. This happens at all speeds and at no specfic time or event whilst driving and i...
  4. A

    1998 C-Class C200 Auto Heater Blower working intermittantly

    Hi, I have this probelm with my heater blower which has come up recently. It suddenly stops working and there is no air or motor working when I select the different fan speeds. I took off the cover of the motor and gave it an old fashioned kich and it started working again. Now the funny...
  5. D

    E300TD - looses power intermittantly

    My 1998 E300TD W210 has started to loose power when running. From cold it will run OK up to 40mph, then after 3 to 4 minutes, the engine will drop revs to 500 rpm, sometimes stop totally. If it keeps running it will slowley climb in rev's/power to normal. This will repeat every 2 to 3 minutes...
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