1. T

    Intermittent Radio interference. W211

    Some times it's fine, sometimes there is a lot of crackling. It doesn't seem to be related to where I'm driving and it only crackles on the radio and not the cd. Any ideas?
  2. C

    2001 Sprinter - Intermittent Non-Starter & Dies whilst driving

    My first time here, so hello! ... and thanks (especially as its a long post!) in advance to anyone that can help. I have a 2001 Sprinter 311cdi, which I have converted to a camper. For over 2 years there has been an intermittent fault which started as follows: Whilst in a queu one wet...
  3. M.A.94

    Intermittent FAULT on 7G 722.9 gearbox

    Intermittent fault on a 7G gearbox that seems to be getting worse after it has been parked up for 2 weeks. The fault is that once you put the car in Drive if you try to go in to Reverse it will not go past Neutral so the only gears you can move between is Drive and Neutral. The only way...
  4. U

    Intermittent P0236 and odd engine behaviour

    Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my W204 C220 CDI (2011). A few months ago, the engine started to behave strangely. It would hang on to gears way too long and cruise around the 2000 RPM level when doing 30 mph. Usually, turning the engine off and on would fix this and it would be back...
  5. D

    06 CLK 220 CDI Auto Intermittent Stalling Problem

    Hi all, I was wondering if somebody... anybody... can get to the bottom of the problem I've had with my CLK for around 3 years now? It's a 2006 220CDI auto 150bhp on around 95k. Ever since I've had the car it has stalled randomly, and nobody can work out what it might be. Google...
  6. S

    W639 Vito Tail Light intermittent flashing

    My 2005 Vito 115 has developed a fault in the right rear unit which has me baffled and means I cant renew MOT until rectified. When I turn the lights on the right tail light bulb flashes briefly then goes out. Then it will flash again a few seconds later and again for another 4 or 5 times...
  7. pmcgsmurf

    W211 E220 '04 Rear Speed ABS Sensor Intermittent Fault ?

    Hi Anyone done any of these faults found it to be more likely to be the ABS/Speed sensor or the Impulse Ring? Can get the Impulse Ring cheap enough (£12 Genuine Mercedes) but the ABS Speed sensor is over £100 for a genuine one. :eek: I'm assuming to get to the Impulse Ring it's a total strip...
  8. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Intermittent wiring

    Hi all, Have an intermittent wiring connection issue at the moment in the CLK. On some occasions on startup I have power to stereo. Other times I do not. When there is no power to stereo, I also lose power to the heated seats and I also had an airbag light stay on for a short while...
  9. Harrythedog

    Intermittent gear selector problem

    My S212 has a problem at times going into gear. Either D or R the stalk won't move into them. When I can select a gear there is always a double click that accompanies the selection. Any ideas anyone Thanjs
  10. T

    Intermittent limp mode

    My 56 plate E320 went into limp mode a week ago, stopped engine and restarted and was fine till this morning and did the same again, have tried my code reader but it's a few year old autotel vag one and didn't get any codes, could it be it needs a more advanced scanner to find codes or is it...
  11. Jim123

    W123: intermittent chugging on start up

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. The car was low mileage (72K when I got it but it had been in storage for a long time). I have had quite a lot of work done on the car in the last 6 months: brakes, fuel tank, fuel lines, exhaust, bodywork and engine decarbonisation and full service...
  12. BigRussJepson

    A208 Clk200 2001 wont crank. Starting intermittent.

    Hi, This has probs been partly covered but........ So, I have a 2001 clk 200 komp cabrio with 95000 miles on her. Last week I came to it at 07.00 am (10 degrees c temp) and she wouldnt crank, the previous night it had been running for at least an hour and i drive her at least 400 miles a...
  13. O

    Intermittent rattle & engine waring light

    Have owned my first Mercedes for a month now and the engine warning light has been on twice and there is a weird intermittent rattle from the engine once the engine is warm and more noticeable in sport mode or on de-accelaration. SLK 200 AMG Sport 7G BlueEfficiency 2012 44500 miles Engine...
  14. S

    03 W211 E55k intermittent kickdown

    Hi I've just purchased an 03 E55k and it's suffering with intermittent kickdown. It'll kickdown fine and drive exactly how you'd expect then all of a sudden kickdown stops working and it'll only drop one gear. My friend has an 04 and his does it occasionally too, he said it's the throttle pedal...
  15. W

    Rear lights and indicators not working, front all OK

    Hi all, hopefully this is something simple. My 51 plate C220 CDi automatic has recently developed this issue. It is pure luck whether the rear indicators and lights come on - the front set are all fine. Sometimes the indicators flash when the car is unlocked using the key fob, and other times...
  16. A

    C230 supercharger intermittent

    Hi new to all this .... I have 2001 c230k was running fine when I bought it about 3 months ago but about 2 weeks ago the supercharger (sc) stopped and my car run like it was naturally aspirated. Since I was due a service (service due message on screen) I fought I'd service it and after I reset...
  17. B

    Intermittent Noise - MB Can't diagnose

    So, had the GL350 (X166) for just coming up a year now and it's been great, 18,000 miles, no problems:cool: BUT..... Background.....about 4 weeks ago, first service carried out, then a few days later 2 new rear tyres put on. Car had PZero's and I went with 2 brand new Toyo's (exactly the...
  18. K

    W221 S-class heater intermittent

    Hi I've recently bought a w221 S-class and have issues with the climate/heater sometimes not blowing any air. I can hear the electronics kicking in and sometimes going over a bump helps but they working less frequently now. From previous posts I can see the heater blower or regulator can be...
  19. B

    W204 Comand online intermittent gps

    Hi All. I'm new here. 1st post on the forum and only three days into MB ownership, I already have a question. On thursday I bought a 2011 C220 estate 125 edition. I have the comand online system I used the sat nav to get me home. Worked a treat. But all weekend the satnav hasn't been picking...
  20. J

    Mercedes Sprinter LWB 2011 - Dipped Right Beam and Dipped Left Beam intermittent

    hi ive got a mercedese sprinter LWB 2001. I hit somebody straight on front impact around 3 months ago only doing about 5 - 10mph (not my fault). Just thought this impact may make a difference to the diagnostic of my fault. For the past few weeks, sometimes when i start the engine i get...
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