1. astamir

    international shipment advice

    Hi guys Can anyone share their experiences in international shipping from USA or Canada please? Like what companies are cheaper,quicker or more reliable then the others. I need to arrange a collection of parts from Canada and any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  2. 5

    Calling W124 E500E Owners - 2016 International Meeting - 18 June 2016 MB MK

    Hey all, The 2016 E500E W124 meeting will be in the UK this year, previously being held in various locations in Europe. The event will be held at the 2016 Mercedes-Benz National Concours on 18 June 2016, starting at 9AM. A whole day of W124 500’s and everything M-B! The event is held at...
  3. M

    International Modified car show 20th March stonham-barns

    International modified car show next month anyone going
  4. D

    International Men's Day

    You can thank the iPhone's new news feature for this post - reminding me that today was International Men's Day and pointing me towards the following article: 10 reasons we should be talking about male suicide on International Men's Day I've no idea why the DT chose that particular story...
  5. developer

    Autosport International/Performance Car Show 2014

    Is anyone going? - we're there on Sunday. Autosport International Public 2014 - Home Performance Car Show 2014 - Home
  6. BTB 500

    Anybody going to the London International Horse Show at Olympia?

    If you are, keep an eye out for the dog agility finals (on Wed-Sun) which I am judging this year :eek: :eek: Welcome to Olympia Horse Show | Olympia Horse Show | London Horse Show
  7. HB

    Gti international.

    Anyone going to the Gti International show? If you do ,you will see my brother with his white Gti Ed30 on the REVO stand. Aren't they lucky with the weather !
  8. 219

    International Bugatti Rally

    I just read a snippet in one of the papers that there's an International Bugatti Rally , with 100 priceless vintage Bugattis touring Scotland this week . They're down in the Borders today , Edinburgh High Street on the 19th and finishing in Pitlochry at the end of the week . Such a number...
  9. Mr. B

    International Space Station

    A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. Space Oddity - YouTube
  10. Dr-Nab

    Autosport International Show @ NEC

    Hey everyone, Anybody heading up to this at all? One of my friends is there at the minute via some trade passes and keeps sending me random images, looks like a decent set up this year so wondered if anyone is headed to the NEC for it? I'm tempted to go tomorrow but the weather forecast...
  11. Bellow

    International Engine of the Year Awards

    International Engine of the Year Awards here >> 14th International Engine of the Year Awards 2012 None for MB though. The new 1.0 litre Ford triple takes three. I wont mention BMW - promise.
  12. Bellow

    Engine Technology International.

    Most recent (June) online version of Engine Technology International here >> Engine Technology International - June 2012 Including: BMW's tri-turbo Diesels; Vauxhall/Opel 100hp/litre 2.0 litre Diesels; MB's Diesel hybrid; why the Subaru FA20 motor as fitted to its BRZ and the Toyota GT-86...
  13. bpsorrel

    International Saab day

    Just in case anyone here has or likes Saabs, today is part of the "We are many, we are Saab" international convoy/gatherings in support of the brand. Home - I'm attending one at Cranfield in Milton Keynes (where Saab GB was) at 11am today, so anyone who's close by and would...
  14. E CLASS

    News International boycott...

    Has the time come to boycott this organisation? The news today is apalling....what next??
  15. M

    International rescue

    American biologist trapped on UK beach phones 911 |
  16. Bellow

    Engine Technology International - Jan 2011 edition.

    For anyone who wants to keep up with what's going on in engine development, here's the latest online copy of Engine Technology International. Not much Merc in this edition, but there is a brief interview with their head of petrol engine development. Engine Technology International - January 2011
  17. Bellow

    Transmission Technology International

    A link to the most recent copy of Transmission Technology International magazine for anyone interested in developments in the world of automotive transmissions. (Or what you will be driving 10 years from now and why!) here >> Transmission Technology International - September 2010
  18. Spinal

    International News....

    I just got back from Romania (long story, I'll post properly once I've recovered...) but one thing did strike me... While in Bucuresti yesterday, we stumbled across a massive strike/protest. Figures varied from source to source, but I saw 10,000 people (from the Gendarmes - i.e. the police's...
  19. WDB124066

    Unofficial International Measures of Currency

    Following on from that universal IMOC, the Big Mac, how much do you all pay in the UK for 4 litres of 5W 50 Mobil 1?
  20. Gridlock

    International Rescure - ADAC German-only?

    All, Travelling to the Med next week, need international road rescue (ideally "stick it on a flatbed, get me a hire car and sort it out all out at home afterwards" but I'm realistic). ADAC were recommended but their signup page The membership in ADAC now states it's for German addresses...
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