1. S

    Viano Service Interval Counter Jumped From Being Due In 12000km to 68km Overdue

    Can anyone help explain why my Viano service counter interval could jump from due in around 12000km to being 68km overdue. The van has been running fine but today was really sluggish to turn over and I thought the battery was drained. After turning off everything (audio system etc), it fired up...
  2. T

    W204 2013 Auto box service interval?

    Apologies for asking this, but when I try and search I'm getting an error message about the forum not working :( I recently purchased a W204 with the 2.1 diesel engine and the 7 speed automatic gear box, the car is coming up to 75k miles and has MB service history to 46k miles with an...
  3. C

    190E 2.6 transmission fluid change interval + water pumps

    Looking in manuals and online, there seem to be wildly varying figures being given for the transmission fluid change interval. Some suggest changing it every year or 15k, others (including the Haynes manual) say 36k, with no specified time interval. Does anyone know which is correct...
  4. J

    W205 Service Interval & Costs

    Just bought a C Class 250d AMG Premium Plus. Demo model with 3k on the clock. MB Dealer is telling me any service agreement is 15k or 1 year which ever comes sooner. Since the car was registered 03/2016 this means due to the expected mileage between now and 03/2017 there will be only 7-8k on...
  5. R

    W204 Transmission Oil Change Interval

    Hi, I've got a 2012 W204 C250Cdi. I'm a bit worried that the transmission oil has never been changed in my vehicle. I bought the car at 24,000 miles and did the next B service (circa 31,000 miles) at an MB specialist not at a main dealer. I didn't really think about it as this is my...
  6. R

    Service Interval - confused!

    Hi, I have a 2011 E200 Cgi cabrio and have a question regarding servicing. I thought the service intervals were annual or every 15000 miles - which ever came first. However, my last service (B) was completed in May 2015 at 40,000 miles but today my Assyst + is stating a service (A)...
  7. W

    B200 2011 Cam Belt or Chain? Service interval?

    Hi all, My Dad has just bought a b200 2011 with 50,000 on the clock. Being the B200 it's the diesel variant. I'm trying to find out the service interval for the cam belt, or whether it even has a cam belt. Can anyone help? Thanks, Will
  8. Marku

    Service interval

    Seen it on the forum before but cannot remember how and can't seem to get the search to work. How do you reset the service interval?
  9. C

    ATF change interval on a 5G box?

    Is it 37K or 40K?
  10. smoothcoupe

    Mercedes E55 service interval mileage.

    Hi all. The service interval mileage on my 2004 E55 will not decrease. " service d due in 5055 miles" did not decrease within the 5000 miles travelled, and now that I've had it serviced it now says " service b due in 9600 miles" I've done approx 1000 miles since and it still says 9600 miles...
  11. BIG_G_1979

    service interval for 7g gearbox

    Hi guys at what mileage should the filter and oil be changed on my e280cdi 7g box? I heard it needs service at 40k then thats it for ever?
  12. C

    Service Interval

    Hi, am a few days from owning my first Mercedes a very low mileage (6700) 3 year old C Class 200 CDI estate, 2011. it is Mercedes Approved so I am not anticipating any problems. Question I have is, should the car be serviced before I buy it in view of the age/ mileage ( oil and filter change at...
  13. snow leopard

    service interval W203

    About a year ago, when I purchased the car, part of the deal was that the dealer gave the car a B service. This was done. Every so often I have looked at the service info and have become quite used to seeing the display gently counting its way down to the next cashectomy, which should be an A...
  14. 2

    Service interval C180k

    Hi all. I recently purchased a 55 plate 180k sports coupe sport. Last serviced Dec 2011 on 80k miles. The service indicator states next service in 9400 miles. Currently on 88k miles. If i have it serviced when the indicator tells me it will be probably early 2014 (over 2 years since last...
  15. Harrythedog

    Service interval query

    The car had a D service in Feb this year as per the inst cluster, now after about 3k miles it's showing a C service due in 15 days, how's that work?
  16. W

    W203 Service Interval

    Car in question is a 2006 w203 C180k, 37,000 miles. It's been 14 months since the last service (An A) and the on board computer is advising me B service due in 2,000 miles. I thought by now it would have changed to count down the days but it hasn't. Manual also seems to suggest it should be...
  17. R

    W204 Assyst Service Interval

    Assyst is showing that my service is due in 40 days. Is the service interval fixed or does it vary according to the driving style because my car was first registered on the 26th March 2011 but I still have 40 days until the first service. :dk:
  18. E

    R129 Service interval - SL320 1996

    I spoke to MB Southampton to book my 1996 SL320 in for a service as they're offering a price match and fixed price service fee. The lady on the phone was very friendly and said that my car had a variable service indicator and would tell me when my car needed to be booked in. I've read the...
  19. holbay

    Service interval message

    Hi all my E300Td's dash is displaying next service 400 miles. When it reaches zero will it state type of service required ( A or B Service ):dk:..George..
  20. T

    how good are service interval indicators?

    Hi all, I ask this because since buying the car in May but only having driven about 1k miles in it, the service interval indicator hasn't budged from 9k miles to next service. Can it really tell the quality of the oil in the engine? if so how? Is it possible / likely the indicator could...
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