1. S17MMA

    ML270 CDi Owners!/ Servicing intervals-Costs

    Hi All I am in the process of buying a 270 CDi and would like to know what I can expect to pay on servicing each year, both A & B? Also has anyone had any niggles with theirs? any common faults I should look out for? Cheers :thumb:
  2. A

    ML270 CDi Owners! (HELP!!!) Fuel Consumption / Servicing intervals-Costs / War

    Hi there thanks for taking ur time to read my article! im thinking of buying a USED (1999/2000) ML270 CDi (auto) , i have a Honda CRV at mo which is s**t! revs at 3,500rpm@70mph! gosh do i hate this thing! needs a service every 6,000miles (@£285), drinks petrol like theres no tomorrow...
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