1. W

    Introducing- Me

    Hi, I'm Warren and have just joined. Just bought my first ever convertible- CLK 320 w208 2003 - and am loving it. Changed from an E320 CDI Avantgarde. Lovely car but got fed up with how frequently it needed to go in for repairs. Prior to that i had a C220. I can't claim any exciting or...
  2. M

    Introducing 'Gerta'

    Been meaning to introduce ‘Gerta’ for a while but ‘things’ kept getting in the way. Anyhow, had the car for 6 months now – a bit of a change from previous machinery but after all my health issues & life changing crap, it’s just nice to have a car again ☺ Specification...
  3. 350e

    The new mercedes-amg c 63 coupé: The sportiest c-class ever

    Affalterbach. Mercedes-AMG is setting a further landmark in the brand history: the new C 63 Coupé is the next step on the way to yet more technical and visual distinctiveness. The far-reaching technical modifications are evident at first sight: strikingly flared front and rear wheel arches...
  4. c63k

    New (Ish) C63

    Hello, Lee here! Username changed to reflect new ownership. You may remember me from such threads as "why can't I find a C63", and "why can I still not find a C63." ;-) Very excited to say that I finally picked up a C63 in the specification that I've been lusting after for what feels like...
  5. 4

    Introducing myself

    Hi All, I am a big fan of Mercedes cars, especially the w124 series. Owned many W124’s over the years and all have been estates. They are just a nice place to be on any journey and so practical. My favourite was a 320TE sportline that once was owned by Pete Townsend of WHO fame. The...
  6. 7

    Introducing myself...

    Hi thought id say hello, just ordered my new E250d Sport estate (black). so will have some pictures to upload once i get it. can't wait looks just like this one Mercedes E-Class Estate Sport (Black) - YouTube :D
  7. G

    Introducing myself

    I apologise to existing MB club members for not introducing myself before posting my request for help with warranties. I am the proud owner of a C-class 220 CDI 2008 Elegance Automatic in Obsidian Black. I have owned the Merc for just over 12 months and it is my first automatic. The automatic...
  8. John_Doe

    Introducing the new car - must be a club members previous

    Well good afternoon all! Just got my next little upgrade, been looking for so long and finally got one! Bought from a trader who hadn't had it long but it appears to be a club members previous car, as there's a mbclub sticker in the window. One less thing for me to buy :-)
  9. M

    Introducing Mygr8star

    Hi fellow Benz enthousiasts. I just found this group as I am about to do a headgasket transplant on my '91 300E, 2.6. I'm sure I need some help with that. Besides that I drive: '89 420SEL '95 E320 Cabriolet I live near Madison, Wisconsin
  10. S

    Introducing...! Hi Everyone, I'm Craig, I am 24 and a habitual Mercedes owner! Car history goes a bit like this: W201 190E 2.0 Auto W124 E220 Auto W124 E220 Auto (yes, two!) W124 E280 Auto S203 C220CDi Auto W201 190E 1.8 Auto W220 S320CDi Auto (current) S124 200TE Auto (with...
  11. jukie

    Introducing Benton the Dog. A star is born.....

    It's nothing to do with the person holding the camera but what is recorded. Make sure your sound is turned up. Benton the dog! - YouTube
  12. Koolvin

    Introducing the new Parts and Maintenance forum!

    Introducing the new Parts and Maintenance forum! A new forum has been setup for the community. If you are Looking for help with a special part number, just looking for general parts or maybe you are looking for service related components then you have landed in the correct area! MBClub also...
  13. samdogg

    Just introducing myself

    Hi thought I would just introduce myself even though I have posted already.Got my first Merc several months ago a 2000 clk 230 avantgarde and hope over the coming months to take it back to near new as possible..Love the car:)
  14. Martin Jennings

    Introducing myself!

    Hi, New to the forum and have recently purchased a W203 C220 CDi auto. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and so far have been impressed with it. I have been through 9 BMW's and a couple of Jaguars, one of which I sold to buy the Merc, and I am hoping it lives up to the reputation I have been...
  15. Robbruce

    Introducing my newer car

    And what a beauty it is ( but then i am slightly biased ) Just one question now i know what the phone kit is (Bury)are all these cars with the sports pack fitted hard on the ride i seem to be able to feel every pebble on the road? Rob:bannana::bannana:
  16. Littledigger

    Hello, introducing myself to the forum

    Hi everyone, introducing myself to the forum. hopefully you will get to know me soon, i love cruising the forums for advice, tips and any great little mods.
  17. Lugy

    Introducing the new Mercedes ski tow

    YouTube - BorderRun_Dec2009_02.mp4 :o:bannana:
  18. Gucci

    Introducing Gucci Jnr!

    After some slight discomfort on my wife's part (as it were) may I introduce our first born - little Oliver to the forum. 7lbs 10oz, born yesterday. At home today and he's a little smasher :D
  19. The Boss

    Just introducing myself.....

    Hello, I just joined this site, Hi. I am a huge fan of the W124 range car.. What do you drive? whats your thoughts on the W124? I own various models of Mercedes, but my oldest car is still my Fav - the W124 Cabriolet 320 sportline. Hows your day been?
  20. Crazyjester900

    Introducing My 1996 W202

    Hey guys, i have done some upgrades on my car recently so i thought i'd formally introduce my car to the forum. And Myself Name: Brad Age: 21 Country: Australia Car 1996 C200 W202 Clasic I have had the car for four years now and have been constantly tinkering with it to try and get the most...
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