1. M


    Good evening all, Just taken delivery of a 14 MY C220 CDI AMG. The wife tells me I only bought it because I am having a mid life crisis, hence the user name, she might be right but I'm not gonna tell her that. I look forward to joining in and gaining some useful tips and advice and...
  2. C

    Member Introduction Manchester.

    Hi all. I have just bought my first ever german car. It's a brand new c class 220 amg line in metallic black. It's a stunning car and I really love it. Already though the comand system has crashed producing no sound (no it wasn't muted) it required an engine restart to get it going again...
  3. D


    Hi looking to purchase soon either e220 or e320 ?? Will be s regular user once purchased Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  4. H

    Initial introduction and a few questions

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. My way of introduction my name is Hoshil and I live in London. I currently drive a W211 E240 avant-garde on an 03 plate and I love the thing! My mates call it the Taxi for obvious reasons! I've had a bug recently to chop it in for a E55/63 but tbh the prices...
  5. whiterussian737

    New Member Introduction

    Hi all, Just like to say hello and how I look forward to communicating with some of the members here. I have a 2003 CLK 320 Convertible and am very enthusiastic about getting it up together. I look forward to my visits to the forum!
  6. jpc83

    jpc83 New member introduction.

    I'm very please to come on this forum because it's only in England that you will be abble to find the best collectors and lover's cars. I'm French but as I spent a time in your country and I looked what happened around me. At this time I was in "Jaguar Drivers Club" and I did some...
  7. M

    New Member introduction

    Hello MB Members, I am a new member that has joined recently after I purchased my first Mercedes. I got a 2007 CLS 350 a car I fist fell in love with back in 2006 when I saw my fist CLS 55 AMG a neighbor of mine got. I am very happy with the purchase and always find excuses to drive it :)...
  8. Charles Morgan

    An introduction to a marvellous friend who is returning to rally driving at 72

    While my W114 coupe was being restored by Project Shop, I met the lovely Bron Burrell, who is returning to rally driving at a mere 72. Her car, Puff the Magic Wagon, took part in the 1970 London to Mexico Rally, and she was part of the team of three. Tish, who owned the car then, has sadly...
  9. N

    Delayed introduction

    Apologies I should have come and said hello first. Perhaps unsurprisingly there have been a lot of mercs in the family over the years, but I've never owned one myself. I am however on the look out for some E class thunder in the form of either a 55 or a 63 amg. So... 'hello'
  10. PobodY


    Hello peoples. I just picked-up my CLK 350 on Saturday, so thought I should register with the club and ask a few questions. I already realise that my engine falls in the last of the M272 problem lots. - I was hoping a late (56 plate) 2006 car might have been OK. There's no fault showing on my...
  11. M


    Had a long series of BMWs but was disillusioned by latest 5 series. Tried an XF and an E Class. The Merc was superior in every way. Picked up my E350 CDi sport from the factory and spent 10 lovely days coming back to England. Best car I have owned. Living new Birmingham
  12. Nikey30

    Hello and Introduction

    Hi All, I joined the forum earlier this week and thought a hello to all fellow MB members and a brief intro was a polite way to join the forum. I hope I have posted in the right place, if not then if the mods can move that would be great! I am a big petrol head, living on the Isle of...
  13. A

    New Member Introduction

    Hi all Just wanted to say a quick hello, I'm in the market for a new Mercedes and wanted to get some advice on which models to go for, I'm only considering the C Class. Thanks
  14. Johnny007

    HI/ Introduction

    Hi everyone hope you all is Good. Im a newbie here but have read posts here in the past. I have a merc first one w212. have a current problem but il mention that at an appropriate thread. would be great to converse with a few enthusiats here. cherio, johnny
  15. D


    hi everybody, I have a 2006 CLS320 CDI I have owned for almost 3 years and have enjoyed every minute. I have looked on the forums for helpful advice and found it very useful. I have several questions to ask and will no doubt post in the appropriate threads at sometime. I have recently been...
  16. S

    Hello all...

    Well, I finally went and did it... bought my first Mercedes (2012 C180 Sport), and so far the ride has been pretty sweet. :) Looking forward to the banter on this forum. To happy days! :rock:
  17. M

    Time for an introduction......

    I joined the MB clan just over a year ago purchasing my C250CDi from Lookers at Ashford - bit of a trek from East Sussex but they had the car that I liked: In addition to the fairly rare colour (indigolight blue) the spec was (I thought!) almost exactly what I would have ordered: -...
  18. K


    New club member, Nick. Have just bought a nearly new A45AMG, trading up(?) from a 55 plate SLK55AMG. Like to do bits n pieces on my car, but just very amateur stuff!
  19. B


    Hi Thanks for letting me join the group...Im the very proud owner of a 1982 230e auto w123 in china blue with blue matching interior.Shes showing 99,440 on the clock and runs very well indeed for 32 years old. albeit a very slight rattling noise from under the vehicle, will have to investigate...
  20. A

    Introduction from sunny warrington

    Hi Recently bought first merc, a 2007 CLS 320 with a sketchy history. Have always been able to do my own maintenance on previous cars, hope its going same with the merc - she's playing up already :doh:
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