1. W

    Mercedes Benz Inventions Commercial

    No doubt this has been posted before, but I've not seen it. zv0ZPyj7S6M
  2. ringway

    Inventions. What do you take for granted?

    I often marvel at the art of invention. There are so many things we use on a daily basis that we take for granted. One of the things that set my mind whirring is the development of the internal combustion engine. Most of us have even a small idea of how an engine works but how many of...
  3. S

    Probably one of the greatest inventions ever....

    The brake hold function. Just found this and i would put it up there with (allegedly - but thats a whole other thread) putting a man on the moon, Stephensons Rocket, the threshing machine or any other marvel from the last millenium.
  4. Gizmo750

    Worrying inventions and discoveries

    OK all, Just sat here contemplating life, the universe and everything and got to thinking about worrying inventions and discoveries. Thought it might make a fun thread. I will start the ball rolling with the following: Who was the first person to say "you know what, I think I am going...
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