1. J

    torque inverter problem?

    could someone please describe what a problematic torque inverter feels and sounds like whilst driving?
  2. Cleggmeister

    Wiring multiple 12v sockets and inverter into W124

    Hi again! I use quite a lot of devices in my car and I'd love a wee project to wire in some more 12v sockets and an inverter (all of which I have purchased). The issue is me, I have no experience working on car wiring. Please could you suggest where I might locate a feed for my 12v...
  3. M

    DC to AC power inverter issue

    Hi I hope there is someone that can help me with this, I have been using an inverter to supply and charge a loptop but not running it onstantly for hours on end, the one I was using developed a fault and became bin fodder, so I replaced it with a 200w inverter as before, connected through the...
  4. TCADY

    Where's the inverter for drivers door sill

    The illuminating door sill on the drivers side doesnt work. Which is annoying as the passanger side looks great. Both sills work when connected to the passenger side. Which leads me to believe it is a faulty inverter. BUT I cant locate it.:confused: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  5. whitenemesis

    PV Solar Inverter - Remote Data Logging

    I have just had a PV Solar system installed and the inverter has data logging available. The connection is via USB (square socket, type 'B'?). I was wondering if I could make the connection wireless by adding a WiFi dongle? Do you think this is feasible? Or would the inverter need to be...
  6. mercmanuk

    power inverter

    wanted a power inverter so i can fit a couple of 28w fittings in the rear of my van. anyone got one lying around in the garage gathering dust cheers all
  7. A

    12 volt - 240 volts AC inverter

    12 volt - 230/240 - 50hz volts AC inverter - 800 watts constant power modified sinewave inverter with 2 kw peak (surge) power in perfect working order but the case has a few scratches and marks as you'd expect from it being used on a regular basis 2 x 13 amp 3 pin plug output, fan cooled (but...
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