1. PeterE320Cdi

    Invisible Power Steering Fluid Leak

    My 209 CLK is losing power steering fluid. I took it into a garage today but they could not find any signs of a leak, they did report that there was a drip from the gearbox. Does anyone have a diagram of the route the power steering pipes take around the engine as I suspect one is close to...
  2. 219

    Invisible idiots

    After a mild start to the week , I awoke to a frozen up car and foggy conditions on the drive to work . Visibility never really dropped below 100m , although got close to it a couple of times , so I was content to drive with normal dipped headlamps and did not feel the need for front or rear...
  3. Schuey

    Invisible Mercedes

    Really Cool: Mercedes slaps sheet of LEDs on the side of an F-Cell, turns car into a chameleon -- Engadget
  4. flat6buster

    Invisible Sheild Samsung Galaxy S2

    I bought this by mistake as I have a Galaxy S not an S2. These are EXCELLENT screen and body protectors for your 'phone. Apparently the same material used to put on the leading edge of helicopter blades to protect them ..! Totally clear you put one on the screen and one over the back body...
  5. corned

    Invisible step ladders and truly execrable service -

    Bit of a rant coming. Take cover! On 04/07/2011 I purchased some lovely new aluminium 5-tread platform step ladders from www. stepladders. co. uk, part shown here. They are part of a company called Towers and Sanders Ltd. A few days later the package arrived. However on unwrapping and...
  6. sportedition

    Parking Dynamics PD1 Invisible Parking Sensor Kit

    I bought this to fit to the inner rear bumper of my A Class as I didn't like the idea of having to drill the bumper. I have since sold the car and never got around to fitting. Same as here Universal Parking Sensor | No Holes | Front & Rear Reverse Parking Sensors Can provide a photo is...
  7. Peter DLM

    Westfalia 'Invisible' towbar for W210 Estate

    This is Westfalia's 'Invisible' towbar, I believe it might be the one that is used by Mercedes as the OEM option. The Merc emblem and part numbers bear this out. Basically, once it's fitted to the car, it's totally invisible, until you attach the actual hook itself. All the bracketry and...
  8. Simon

    Invisible number plate system

    I know this topic has been covered before, but I'm sure this will be of interest. The Link
  9. Koolvin

    Invisible parktronic!!!!

    Link £79.95 Inc VAT
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