1. B

    Motor Manufacturers getting involved in UK politics

    So around three quarters (77 per cent) of Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) members believe that the British motor industry will benefit from the UK staying in the European Union. So where was my nice Mercedes made? err try South Africa
  2. John Jones Jr

    Spare ECU, whats involved?

    Guys, as per the title. I want a spare (used) ECU for my W202 to so it can be mapped by different company from my current one, just as an experiment. So, what's actually involved prior to having it remapped? Obviously it will need to be unlocked but can it be recoded so that it operates as...
  3. poormansporsche

    Why is it whenever there is a disater it always has British People involved ?

    Whenever there is a Plane / Train / Coach / Boat Crash somewhere in the world or any other disater it always seems to involve British people ??? Even if its some strange domestic trip in a far flung Country - is it just that are loads of us or are we just unlucky ? :dk:
  4. B

    Valeo Radiator leaking glycol into auto gearbox 2002-2004 all models involved

    valeo rad can cause tranny death with glycol contamination. below 3 lists of affected cars. the list has been verified as MB list by MB finland. however it's completeness/correctness has not. according to MB spareparts service central (and others pretty trustworhty sources) in finland there...
  5. S

    Sheppey Crossing Crash - 130 Vehicles involved

    Sheppey crash: more than 100 vehicles in pile-up in misty conditions in Kent | Mail Online BBC News - Sheppey crossing crash: Dozens hurt as 130 vehicles crash
  6. martyp87

    W209 60k V6 Service - What's Involved?

    Well, my CLK has turned 60k so I'll need to and book a service at a local independant. I'm going to get the transmission fluid & filter changed along with the coolant on top of the usual. Already fitted 2x K&N panel filters and a pollen filter so they won't need touched. It's a 2.6 V6...
  7. Jukie

    For anyone involved in or connect with motorbike instruction

    I have a number of hi-vis yellow over-jackets that were given to me. They are from a police supplier and do have blue & silver reflective strips on them but DO NOT have any Police insignia. All have Police-style (silver test on blue background) labels sewn on the rear. Two are labelled...
  8. A

    Patent for an idea? what's involved how does it work?

    Hello I have an idea for a product either a new product or to improve and existing product already available by adding my idea to it... How do you go about securing this idea? what does a patent mean? Would I need to have a product made, or would plans / drawings be enough? How do you...
  9. W

    Clueless Mercedes!!

    My E250cdi Sport started with engine issues in mid november 2010. Basically it loses performance & power, its as if it is running on 3 cylinders, not 4.Car was in the garage 3 times over 7 days. Each time the diagnosis was that the Diesel Particle Sensor was faulty and needed replacing. Mercedes...
  10. Spera

    What is involved in a d service

    Hello again my car is a E270 cdi w211 Avantgarde the next service is a D service . I wish to buy filters/parts etc for this service but cannot find a list for what is required for this service can anyone help please?
  11. bigyin1

    Forces involved in riding a rollercoaster...

    Just How Quick are Rollercoasters? - Video - Car and Driver Not for the feint hearted...
  12. garystu1965

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advice

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advise <edited out due to me being an idiot>
  13. Peter DLM

    What's involved in selling a 7 seat kit?

    Friend of mine has salvaged a nice W211 Estate with the 7 seat option. He doesn't need it. Is this worth selling on? And what is involved in the kit? Presume it's not just the actual seat unit itself?
  14. lynall

    Will it fit and how much work will be involved

    This engine...
  15. T

    Whats involved in removing W124 sill covers?

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone had any experience removing the colour coded plastic covers that cover the sill and jacking holes? The jacking points are rusty and I wanted to see how the rest of the sills were but it is a massive job? How would rusted jacking points effect the strength of...
  16. R

    Been involved in an accident today, need your advice please

    As i was travelling around 10mph today, just heard a loud bang from behind, somebobdy hit me. The impact was so strong that it pushed me forward and unluckily hit the car in front causing a big dent on his rear bumper. The car who hit me (ford Ka) was badly damaged while mine had a big dent on...
  17. dougal74

    Used Car Roadshow - get involved?

    I work for ITV and our Producer who makes Used Car Roadshow is looking for people to get involved: - We are looking for members of the public to star in the show as ‘Buyer of the Week’. Do you know anyone who is looking to buy a new USED car? Maybe you know someone who would like to star in...
  18. GrahamC230K

    What's involved in replacing a w202 front wing?

    Not going to tackle this myself, but before going to a bodyshop, wondered what's involved. I would like to replace my drivers side front wing. It has numerous defects and replacement is probably the way to go. So, do they bolt on? Does anything else (apart from plastic in wheelarch etc)...
  19. V

    Importing from Germany..whats involved?

    Has anybody ever bought a 2nd hand car in Germany and brought it back to the UK....if so whats involved. 1) As it's an EU car, am I right in thinking that I do not have to pay VAT at customs? 2) What paperwork do I need to supply to customs at Dover and do I have to pay anything re the...
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